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Forum - sc2 - Purpose, features, competition
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I think I should slowly start to do some developement for MCN (It will have that name, it's the best by far ;-))

I am probably not the only one out there that wants to make a map-dedicated page for SC2, so I wonder what are the strengths we should focus on, which features we want to offer and who is our target group. In broodwar, BWMN has a pretty well respected database for user-made "serious" melee maps. The goal of always having the newest version of every pro map is actually harder to meet than I thought, and we don't even bother with UMS, single player, mods and campaigns.

Should we stick to maps for "competive play" in MCN, or should we also host single player campaings and stuff?

How about stuff like replays and tournaments, even leagues? I think we might be better of to cooperate with some bigger community site for stuf like that.

By the way, which are the biggest map-sites for broodwar outside of korea? I only know and (which both seem to be still pretty active, and both focus more on UMS/modding stuff)

Discuss the direction we should be going and mapping in SC2 in general.
2008, 02, 27 11:05
btw if you know some strategy game that really lacks a good map DB, we could implement it in to "warm up" for SC2. Most problems will not be found if the page is not actively used. "" is general enough as a name to allow that IMO.

2008, 02, 27 11:09
we should stick to our end, the melee maps. A lot of websites are dedicated to UMS, but barely any have melee databases. you can expect the same for starcraft 2.
2008, 02, 27 15:12
But will it even be that simple to distinguish melee and ums mapping in sc2? We don't really know ;)
2008, 02, 27 15:23
I wouldn't have a problem with sharing the database with campaign/ums stuff as well as melee, with an emphasis on maps for competetive play. Doing that I think would immediately make mcn the big centralized non-korean mapping site, putting our name out to everyone who cares early on. MCN can follow more accurately the bwm motto I unofficially made: "for all your mapping needs".

As for replays and stuff, outside of replays and tournaments on mcn maps, I'd rather let other sites worry about that. can worry about that ._.
2008, 02, 28 21:09
IF you allow UMS next to melee, make sure that the two are separated well.

The things we definately should keep (but if possible improve) are the map preview, gmcs and map threads.
On pages like SEN, the map threads are separated from the download section, which imo is not the best solution.

The overall structure of the page should be planned out better than bwmn :)
2008, 02, 29 12:10
Yeah, there should be some planing. As we do not meet in person I really do not believe in discussing everything, though. We won't ever get anything done if there is a larger group of people discussing every minor detail, and it is even harder when you start from scratch.

So the better solution is one of the following:

1) I just do most of the planing and developement by myself, then present a alpha version here and let you comment on it, improving it afterwards.
2) Someone (no more than 2 additional people) becomes somthing like 'chief visionary' and basically tells me which features need to be done, then I would try to implement them. It would not be an easy job though, because you'd have to get along with me;-) I don't know if anyone is willing to really do this-_-

ATM the developement team consists of listoric, wanja (a friend I know from college) and myself. Additional people could be added, but only if they bring something useful to the table.

Actually I probably make a starcraft1-mapdatebase first, because we can't really do one for sc2 yet;-)
2008, 02, 29 12:49
panschk will you implement the new page with php again or another one (e.g. < i'd prefer this one :P)?
2008, 02, 29 16:01
ehh, .net - MS stuffz...

btw, isn't bwmn html only?
modified by spinesheath
2008, 02, 29 16:47
html only? how would you do any interactive stuff like commenting then? It works like this:

The data, like your comment, is stored in MySQL tables. For example, there is a table "forumcomments" where all comments in the forum go, or a table "maps".
The information is retrieved and enhanced by using SQL-Queries like the following:

SELECT mapid, melee, mapname FROM maps WHERE author = 'spinesheath';

Queries like this are embedded in PHP files that do computations and similar stuff and get interpreted (PHP is an interpreted language, that means there is no need to compile) by the web server when the user calls a certain PHP file in his browser.

So PHP works server-side, as opposed to client-side, when computation is done at the indivdual user's PC. JavaScript is an example of a programing language usually used client-side in this scenario.

So you only see HTML when you look at the source code, but that HTML-content has been generated by the PHP-interpreter at runtime.

I hope you follow me ;P

it will def. be PHP again. Only other programming language supported by my web-host is perl afaik.

I considered trying ruby on rails or python, but I'd have to switch to (probably much more expensive) webhost to use that. PHP is fine though, there is nothing that can't be done by PHP+Javascript. I will try to use more stuff that already exists, instead of trying program stuff like a forum myself.

Hey, that post had almost Nightmarjooish size;-]

2008, 02, 29 17:15
hmpf ok; could have helped but i don't like php - imo it's much harder to create a proper architecture with it (and also you have a good ide to work with)

also, with the new concepts in c#/.net 3.5 its very easy to create a server with wcf and to have access to a database with linq2sql/linq2entities
2008, 02, 29 18:46
okok, pretty much dunno anything about web programming ^^ I am a C++ guy...
2008, 02, 29 21:55
LostTampon, can you run .net on an apache server with mySQL (and probably Unix ^_^)? That's what the majority of the webspace-hosts out there use.

I had some interviews for a job or stage in IT already, and it seems like .NET is pretty big in the corporate world. So I'd like to get some experience in that area one day, but for MCN I want to use something that isn't completely new to me.
2008, 02, 29 23:16
ofc not, but it would be pure ownage :D
2008, 03, 01 00:21
lol panschk, it only looked Nightmarjooish because you used so many new lines. I usually have about as many larger-than-your paragraphs as you have sentences^^

I like how bwm works, it's pretty simple. I like the alpha site idea ._.
I should be available for help if you need any. I don't have much html/programming knowledge, but I can test shit on the site and email you about it not working, the way I do on bwm :)
2008, 03, 01 02:27
Yeah, consider yourself part of the alpha/beta testing team ;)
2008, 03, 01 21:41
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