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Götterdämmerung - help with pathing
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OK here is the deal. Ive played some games on it and ive noticed that the pathing for workers sux on the 3 and 9 pos when you make maynard from your main. Does anyone have good sollutions for this without ruining the tactical aspect they offer? perhaps just rmove the blocking and make really easy walin there instead?
2005, 10, 16 23:32
Pos = exp btw (typo)
2005, 10, 16 23:33
Would placing a building there instead of mineral block help? Or does it do the same thing as with minerals?
2005, 10, 16 23:39
no, opponent units will the attack the building, but your own units will probably be gay, just as they are with a regular wall, but alteast they might stay below and gay instead of running around the entire map
2005, 10, 16 23:48
Hm.. what is your problem actually, i don't really get it.

maynard slide from where to where?

would these expansions loose their tactical value when you place a mineral a bit different to have 1 single space between them?
2005, 10, 16 23:51
When you do maynard from home, the peons refuse to take the upper route by default, they choose the lower one, meaning they arrive on the wrong side of the mineral wall.

Of course you can steer them right manually, but you shouldnt have, and i feel this is very anoying. Since i parted in making the map it must be fixed.
2005, 10, 16 23:57
Hmm.. thought so. As said, maybe just open the mineral line by 1? or make one block value 8/16? at least the scvs could mine then. But if you don't want to lose them while sliding, you have to steer them by yourself anyway.
2005, 10, 17 00:07
i will go home and work on this abit...
1 patch hole is actually a good suggestion, cause then all races still can block good... creep colony, pylon sypply...kinda
2005, 10, 17 12:01

ok here are some changes:

* made a open slot in side expoes to fix pathing. All races can still block if they choose to, and if that fucks up pathing it is their problem :P

* added a little extended cliff to make a fast hatchery choke below ramp possible. Perhaps this can be used for new strategies like fast expanding on the highground gasexpo belonging to that side of the map.

* Removed the center structure since that seemed to overpower terran a bit. Hopefully this doesnt overpower zerg too much instead.

comments? good or bad changes? are all necessary?
2005, 10, 17 13:27
Looks really good, but these craters aren't walkable either, are they? all other changes seem good. i like it.
2005, 10, 17 13:30
no they arent, though they mostly are decorative. But super plain would have been imba the other way around anyway. now t can atleast fit in 1 or 2 turs in there.

the center is the thing im mostly concerned about since the map perhaps will be TOO open. Since i never play pvz, zvp (t gamer) i dunno how to balance it good. I would like protoss player comments on this.

Pvz/zvp has been quite even so far iirc... atleast i think so?
2005, 10, 17 13:41
increase the first mineral block and remove the block entierly on second one and have a normal expand instead

and have those 3 mineral clutters ever been used? to me they look useless and just out of place
2005, 10, 17 15:21
They have been used for p cannonrush vsz z when z fast expands there :) quite funny actually. look the latest rep in the götter thread
2005, 10, 17 16:23
and what do you mean with

increase the first mineral block and remove the block entierly on second one and have a normal expand instead

i dont get it :P
2005, 10, 17 16:23
good changes!
I think it should be much better now:)
2005, 10, 17 16:25
still working on it :p
2005, 10, 17 17:11
eh, how would you except workers sliding from main to 3/9 when there is still this mineral line?
2005, 10, 17 22:33
top slides to 3, bottom slides to 9. seriously, come on.
2005, 10, 17 23:10
the way you say it, there is no mineral wall at all on this route T_T
2005, 10, 17 23:36
Yes, because the workers go bottom route by default, not on top.
2005, 10, 18 08:25
and they get stuck on the wrong side of the wall :P
2005, 10, 18 10:44
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