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TSL 2 OR 3
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If you guys want a foreign map in there, you need to get more top TSL 1 finishers to agree to select from your best maps, ones they are interested in, and then have them tell you what to change, then change it.

Only if they are advocates for a map will it be included. Is this something you guys are interested in? Cos I don't see it happenning the way things are going.
2008, 08, 08 19:54
the problem is none are willing to test. Especially during WCG. There is always an excuse.
2008, 08, 08 20:11
I don't suppose it can hurt to tell, plexa at tl told me that while discussing the use of foreign maps in TSL2, ToT)Mondragon( and MyM.White-Ra both supported the idea. So, if we should approach anyone, those two might be good, if anyone has connections to them ._.

Also, before the first iccup season which used Faoi started, Yello.Ant had MyM.Strelok join us and look at the map, perhaps he would be willing to do the same for another map. Supposedly a friend of mine has Strelok on msn, so I can ask him once we get more work done on some of these maps.

But yeah, Nasty is right.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2008, 08, 08 20:26
I dont think its gonna happen take a look at the last comment plexa left in the tsl2 map thread
2008, 08, 08 20:32
2008, 08, 08 20:38
First of all, you need a concise list of canidates. Are all the MOTM's in? Any others you think you want people to look at? Good players should be able to say "this is an interesting map, try fixing up this one" and then get specific. Can't ask them to stick with 1 map you throw at them, and also can't ask them to review the entire db.

Second, there are 48 players from TSL we need to be trying to contact:

Here are interviews with most of them. Seems like a start.
2008, 08, 08 21:02
lol read this dentist:¤tpage=13, read plexa's currently last post.
2008, 08, 08 21:05
You think I don't know this? This is why I came here. Plexa is right. Until you get some of those 48 to come forward and say "I want these foreign maps" you have bupkis.
2008, 08, 08 21:11
Did you not read the whole thing? He said he had every ro48 player vote from 1-5 with 1 being no foreign maps and 5 being in support of foreign maps, and the average after the whole thing was 1.5 rofl -_- a 3 would indicate a 50-50 split, a 1.5 I think indicates an overwhelming majority of people who completely do not want foreign maps at all. Bothering those 48 people isn't going to change that, at best all we can do is reaffirm the data lol, and that won't help at all.
2008, 08, 08 23:25
Anyways, with Mondragon and White-Ra we have strong supporters. If they could do some testing on those maps it would be great.
Mondragon could even ask Sea for an opinion on certain maps - a progamer's support would be worth a LOT.

But you'd have to get those two to actually promote foreign maps, not just approving their use.
2008, 08, 08 23:31
Well TBH if you can get 4 people to support an ongoing process of choosing a map with potential and suggesting necessary revisions, you're going to get a map in TSL. I've done the work for you:

1 - ToT)Mondragon(
7 - MYM.Strelok
11 - Excello.NonY
15 - ToT)ClouD(
19 - Excello.CaStrO
25 - RedeemeR[Media]
30 - LRM)Reason
36 - Machine[Media]
42 - iG.Sky
46 - Dashwriter

2 - Retired_Draco
8 - )ToT)SquaLL( (
12 - MYM.White-Ra
16 - LRM)MIStrZZZLegenD
20 - IdrA[Media]
26 - iG.Slider
32 - ToT)GOsia
37 - NaW-LzGaMeR
43 - OctZerg
47 - TSL.spx

4 - MYM.DinOt
9 - T.SQD)Kr
13 - hanniGan
17 - Skew[Media]
21 - LG)HanDy
27 - BVG.Tarson
33 - FT.aCt)Love
39 - Artosis[Media]
44 - fuSion.Rondo
48 - Legionnaire

5 - ToT)XiaOzI(
10 - Excello.IefNaij
14 - ret[Media]
18 - RoX.ALF
23 - 3D.TemujiN
28 - 3D. Notforu
35 - HayprO
40 - RoX.Advokate
45 - Qpad.ZpuX

We need just four of you to commit to working with and talking with any one of the people in your committed group. Get one advocate who is willing to tell you which map is worth editing, edit the map to their demands, get them to tell TSL the map is okay to include. Four volunteers, just get one player each, and we are golden.

Post here which group you are taking on.
2008, 08, 09 06:01
i can0t understand this, but i have acces to 21 - LG)HanDy in the VOLUNTEER #3 group.

the maps we selected for the testing tournaments were suppose to be the chosen ones, that's why i started working on them.

if i suggest voices or spinel valley it's not because i want my maps to be used. i worked on crackling's and nasty's maps as Nightmarjoo worked on Sound Barrier. (the same as i want to work in battle grounds)

this maps are not finished (and are said to be the best we have) we are not ready. i'll work as crazy until 10th because 11th i'll leave.

this is my map list:
-Sound Barrier
-Korhal Pride
-Spinel Valley
my personal goal: Moon Tear II
2008, 08, 09 06:39
"I've done the work for you" All you've done is list a bunch of names and said, 'have at!', lol.
2008, 08, 09 06:45
whaat... add morphling or dread core ^^
2008, 08, 09 15:35
some testgames for space summer?
2008, 08, 09 18:36
Add an air map. Thanks.
2008, 08, 10 03:34
airmaps are considerer imbalanced and most players HATE them.
2008, 08, 10 14:41
Veto on the air maps, too easy to make them and not enough people will play them, think highly of them, etc. Supply high, demand low. Way low. Unless it's more innovative than valhalla/fz in their day, more balanced than any ver of paradoxxx/estrella ever could dream/815 and then some, even then, it just seems imposs. There is no gold standard air map, you can't make a "solid play it safe" air map and you can't test a real one. We have dozens of pro maps to look at for land maps but what do we have for air maps? Get the message?

Now, if anyone has the time, please pick a slot from my above list and solicit all the people on it, posting here whether you agree to be volunteer #1, #2, #3, or #4. so far we have nothing.
2008, 08, 11 07:03
Why don't you do it?
2008, 08, 12 00:22
I'll sign up for #4 after the first three are taken. If the authors themselves don't care enough I'm not going to waste any more of my time. You guys don't seem to realize that there are 46 or so people out there, some of those minds you need to change, in order to get their participation, and that without their participation your maps are going to not be good enough for those kinds of players, and in any case not approved of enough by enough of the 48, for TSL to allow them.
2008, 08, 12 17:36
You seem to have done fuck all, the dentist, and you're complaining about wasting your time? Here's a little known fact about the majority of high performance gamers on those lists: None of us know them, or have any reasonable means of contact. Lots of them aren't native English speakers either, which makes communication difficult.

White-Ra has always been a good sport, iirc, and I remember replays of him on this site testing that 64 by 64 map. But the average approval rating from all those gamers is 1.5/5 (Plexa's post). The reason is that these players want to do as well on WCG as possible, and having an odd map pool doesn't help them, especially when the maps aren't in iCCup either.

We all would like to see TSL feature a BWMN map here, but you're simply being rude. If you wanna help us, actually do something, don't just tell us what to do. If you produce results, the mappers of BWMN will jump the wagon and help, but so far there's no wagon to jump on :P Don't accuse us of being lazy, because we've all tried at one time or another to incite interest in maps from the foreigner community. When you get down to it, it's miserable work fighting against a community, and it'll take more willpower than I have alone to maintain a professional composure (as I have unfortunately proved more than once), though nightmarjoo seems to be gaining a lot of respect at least in that area.
modified by PsychoTemplar
2008, 08, 12 19:55
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