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Colosseum III (3)
Hi, I just made this same post over at StarEdit so sorry for any redundancy but I need feedback! I play starcraft for fun but really enjoy watching high-level competitive play and trying (failing) to emulate it (and conceptualize good balanced 2/3/4 player maps for 1v1 play.) I haven't made a lot of maps nor have I spent a lot of time on one in particular and "finished" it but I tend to have various ideas and from time to time I throw them down in SCMdraft. So I'm watching a vod commentary by my favorite youtube commentator husky and all of a sudden he reveals that he is hosting a SC map-making contest!! I'm sure you all know of TL and I hope it's ok that I link a thread in my post so here it is : . The link has all pertinent information on the rules and such, and this is of course a friendly and I would assume amateur map-making contest though the maps will be played in an upcoming tournament.

On to the important stuff. So the map I decided to create is a 3 spawn version of the popular Collosseum II. I'm already regretting attempting to balance a 3 spawn map but I really like the idea and the initial progress enough that I really want to balance it and make the map playable. I have spent some time referring back to other 3 player (moon glaive and outsider mostly) maps to learn things like where the middle of the map is.. how to balance the sizes of the mains and expos.. etc. but I am kind of at a point where I would like some feedback before I spend a ton more hours pushing isom's left and right by 1 hex. I've included a clean image of the map in progress and one containing notes on changes I'd like to make. Please take a look and comment on whatever you'd like.

I haven't done any up-ramps, doodads, rocky ground, sand, mud, etc.. just trying to block in the main areas and balance them right now... as you can see from the images I am definitely having some trouble. I clearly have some specific things in mind that need to be done/changed but please feel free to pick this pre-alpha apart and mention every conceivable fallacy you note. I will be re-doing mineral layouts and geysers but feel free to point out the errors there too. Oh and I'd really like to know how to place neutral sunkens so they show up in game with creep!

Cheers and thank you for any insights!
modified by dyren
2010, 01, 18 04:22


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