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Cool to see this community is still here, at least in part. I thought the site was screwed over from some hacker or something a while back? And of course sc2 killed a lot of the BW community.

I made a Blood Bath map for sc2 lol.

PS- What is the forcefield/pylon aura thing I am seeing on some maps? Are there any new map gimmicks since sc2 came around that I don't know about?
2013, 10, 11 14:17
Na, hackers dumb. :D
SC2 is a terrible game compared to BW. That's why the koreans coming back to play ^-^ BISU

Section I :)
2013, 10, 11 14:48
Cool, thanks. So for the lazy- The new gimmicks are vision blocker tiles (from doodads with walkable properties). Arguably make maps ugly, but add that mechanic from sc2.

And force fields - not sure how they are created but they act as giant spaces of \'cover\' where ranged units will miss 50% of the time if a unit is in it, or was it attacking out of it?
modified by SpoR
2013, 10, 11 15:01
Anyway, so long for another extended period of time (probably years). T_T
2013, 10, 11 15:03
does anyone know how to create the folder the custom maps go in so you can play them
2013, 10, 12 01:47
You don't have to create folder as far as I know. Just put them into the maps folder.
2013, 10, 12 18:46
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