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iCCup map pack naming conventions
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iCCup Map Pack v39.0 has been released.

As you know, in the mapping scene there are several maps that have a ‘Neo’ or ‘New’ prefix. The iCCup map pack previously had some maps with the neo included while others had dropped it and just changed the version number to 2.0 instead.
When hosting maps, it is convenient if players can alphabetically jump to a map by typing the first letter.
For this reason, all the maps with a neo prefix have been changed. Also maps with ‘The’ at the start.

Neo Jade is now Jade 2.1
Neo Medusa is now Medusa 2.2
Neo Overwatch is now Overwatch 2.1

Which is inline with the convention that was previously established with
Aztec 2.1
Beltway 2.0
Bloody Ridge 2.1
Chain Reaction 2.0
Electric Circuit 2.1
Ground Zero 2.0
Heartbreak Ridge 2.1
Sniper Ridge 2.0
Tornado 2.2

The Latin Quarter has been labelled just Latin Quarter now.

‘The Fortress’ has been corrected to just Fortress now.

ColosseumII 2.0 has been changed to Colosseum 2.0.
The II was superfluous, following the previous conventions.

ResonanceII 1.0 has been changed to Resonance 1.0.
'Resonance I' was a 4 player map concept that was never published. So this map being called Resonance II is not necessary.

Grand Line SE 2.2 has been changed to Grand Line 2.2.
Again, the SE is superfluous.

Dantes Peak SE 2.0 hasn’t been changed yet, because I bloody forgot alright!

Luna the Final has been changed to Luna 2.1.

Hunters had ‘kespa’ in the title, it has been changed to Hunters 1.1.

Version numbers added:
Benzene 1.1
Circuit Breaker 1.0
Eye of the Storm 1.0
Icarus 1.0
Longinus 2.0
Pathfinder 1.0
Tau Cross 1.0

So, which have I got wrong?
2016, 03, 07 23:07
If you make a map called ‘Neo’ the filename/map title would be ‘Neo 1.0’.
If you make a map called ‘The’ it would become ‘1.0’.
If you make a map called ‘The 1.0’ it would become ‘1.0 1.0’.
If ‘The 1.0’ was changed significantly, it would become ‘1.0 2.0’.
If you make a map called ‘The The 2.0’ it would become ‘The 2.0 1.0’.

If a map was called ‘Neo Neo’ as the first version ever released, it would become ‘Neo Neo 1.0’.
If ‘Neo Neo’ was changed significantly it would become ‘Neo Neo 2.0’.

modified by CardinalAllin
2016, 03, 07 23:23
What if I called a map "Neo the Neo Infinity+1.12.65.xq"?

Serious question! It is very important for me to know!
I need to know by Friday!
modified by Freakling
2016, 03, 09 14:53
Let me feed the query into the machine…
hmm, the printout just says NeoNuts2U.
2016, 03, 09 22:23
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