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iCCup Map Pack Updates
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So I guess we need a separate topic for this...
2016, 06, 04 18:40
2016, 06, 07 18:52
I wanted to actually write something with content in here, but then I ran out of time. Will do it later :D
2016, 06, 07 19:45
I opened this so I would not have to clutter random map threads with my posts any more,

Let's begin by answering to CardinalAllin's suggestions:

  • iCCup map pack: The new season has started now.

    -Roadkill ramp bug is the main thing Id like to fix, is it ready?
I will publish it as soon as I have made a final decision about how to handle the main mineral lines.

  • -Desertec changes (mining in main? and path to 3rds) would be nice but is low priority, is it ready?
I will work on this. I also have some terrain level bugs to clear up and finally come up with some better ramps. No point in further lazy compromises.

  • -Cross Game shortest route pathing is not a priority. If Cross Game is going to get an update then Im tempted to make some changes to make the min only a bit easier to take, not sure though.
I'd rather add a mineral patch than make it easier to take (which implies closing down some pathway, which I don't like as an idea.
The shortest pathing is actually more of an issue than you make it out to be. It leads to a lot of asymmetry in gameplay.

  • -Overwatch by NegativeZero too, maybe an area of buildable ground on the path to the 3rd at the foot of the hill.
A bit more than the current two miniatur turret spots would probably make the map more comfortable to play. However, I don't think much is needed there.

  • Taebaek Sanmaek and as yet unseen ‘Overwatch’ would presumably go in to the map pack when they get released properly.
Stress on properly. In their current form I'd not touch either of them with a ten foot pole. It's on them to make them a lot better before you plague further map packs with them.

  • Reap The Storm
In anay case, I think it's really about time to seriously consider adding some more three players maps. Reap the Storm is the most likely candidate from my part.

  • Kiseyras
I'd also like to extend the four player pool to some less standard candidates. My suggestions would be Atlantis, Dies Irae and Kiseyras. Given how far advanced Kiseyras is and the positive feedback it already received on TL, I'd say Crystal would have definitely earned this. Right now.

  • Vitriol, Darkness,
Solid maps. Probably still need some finishing polish though. they are both very standard, so I'll probably not become overexcited about either of those (and a dozen others) any time soon.

  • Niobe
Sorry, but no, just no. It may be tempting to add one of your own maps, but this one comes across as just completely unimaginative to me. I wish you would continue making maps like Queensbridge or Latin Quarter again.

At some point I think you should consider an island map! But maybe it's not that point yet ;D

Is there any chance to get something like a small map testing tour going?
Otherwise I'd say, just going with Kiseyras and Reap the Storm (or another three player map) would probably be the best course of action.

However, I'd also like to suggest something different: Why not throw a bone to the nostalgists?
Removing LT caused more uproar than it should have. And if it is decided that Luna is going to be next (which would be a rational decision!) the cry out would start all over again.
On the other hand, for many older maps it is really a pity to have them removed from the map pack permanently.
So I thought of the following: Reserve some map slots (my suggestion is at least four, for a start, details below) for "classic maps".
Here's how I would go about it:
  • Reserve one slot for a classic four player macro map. This slot would rotate through the likes of LT, Luna, Gaia, Nostalgia, Requiem, Arcadia etc.
  • One slot for a more modern macro map (p.e. Harmony, Byzantium, Grand Line, Gladiator...) This would not have to be a fixed slot of course, it's more about cycling maps in and out (and maybe eventually back in) over time

  • Another slot for other older maps (be it Bifrost, Athena, Carthage, Chupung-Ryeong, Rush Hour...) (this slot could also be kept mostly flexible, as a lot of the current maps fall under this category as well)

  • The crazy slot: A slot for maps that are very non-standard, e.g. Arkanoid, Monty Hall, Hitchhiker, some old island maps

So, what do you think?
modified by Freakling
2016, 06, 12 19:14
*cross game - the solution i would put forth would be to reduce the two high grounds plateus (the 45 degree ramp upwards for 12, downward for 6), move the minerals closer, and change the angle of the three lava bridges to make it so the middle is the fastest path.

*reap the storm, kiseyras, dies irae - :D

*vitrol - very standard, and could have a better middle like his overwatch map

*darkness - concerning because it has a very similar shape to circuit breaker. also the middle is uninspired as well.

*island map - (3)Frozen canal :3

Other points i agree with or not educated enough to make a remark ;D
2016, 06, 13 02:45
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