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Need a bit of help
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So I have an idea for a 4 player map, however I'm having some basic issues with the symmetry of the map, as well as coming up with space in the middle of the map. If I could get some help with it and shared my idea with someone, then maybe we can bring it to life.
2016, 10, 17 23:14
That is way too vague a problem to give much of an advice right now. First you need actually figure out what you want to do (without a concept there is not much point in starting to make a map in the first place, unless it is just to get accustomed to the editor(s). If you have absolutely no clue what to make, you may get some idea from this thread
And then, why don't you just upload what you have so far (does not need to have deco, but position of bases and terrain features should of course be discernible), it is much easier to find potential problems (and solutions) with something concrete to talk about.
modified by Freakling
2016, 10, 20 19:48
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