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Is it okay to place geysers at bottom left of CC/Nex/Hatch
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Like the title says, I'm wondering if it's okay to place geysers at a bottom right position in a mineral field. Specifically, on bases that you could consider 3rd/4th bases. I'm just starting in BW mapping and became aware of the positional imbalances of vespene placement today. Any help appreciated.
2017, 06, 04 05:35
Not quite sure which gas position you are referring to.
2017, 06, 04 13:37
Like this.
2017, 06, 04 19:50
That is for the most part a good position. In general bottom gas positions are rather slow for Terran. And if the geyser is right-shifted from the centre and the minerals are on the right, as in your picture, Terran cannot build a Turret or Depot below the CC to speed up mineral mining when a Comsat is attached without further impairing gas mining. However, a savvy Terran player will just send a 4th worker to mine gas, anyway (not even most top level players seem to be particularly savvy in these regards, but that's their own problem. Figuring out all those small optimizations is part of the game).
Just avoid left-shifted bottom positions (particularly more than on tile left-shift). Those cause diagonal worker pathing, which really slows down gas mining...
Top left postions are somewhat similar, but generally acceptable as top positions are faster to begin with.

You should probably also get the newest ScmDraft version.
modified by Freakling
2017, 06, 04 20:05
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