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Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I'm going to be running a map making contest to get some foreigner into Gambit's Cup 4 (Both threads going up on Teamliquid tomorrow).

The quantity of maps used will depend on the quantity and quality of submissions. I would like to use 4 foreigner maps and 3 ladder maps for the league if possible.

How is it going to work? Well, basically, you will be submitting maps (no submission limit) that you have made and an initial selection will be made by a private party, we will then take those selections and have them play tested by players who will participate in the Gambit's Cup and we will narrow the rest down based on their feedback.


The only requirement is that you be willing to edit the map as feedback comes in during the season (perhaps with major modifications to create a 2.0) on a notice of 2 weeks.

I also want to list some criteria that could lead to one map being selected over another, this so that you're not blindly participating.

1) Player count (2, 3, 4)
2) Balance or slight imbalance toward one race*
3) Aesthetics
4) Creativity/novelty (New Ideas)

*It's a team league, so a map can be selected because it's balanced, but it could also be selected because it favors a certain race, given the format as a team league, it's not necessary for every map to be perfectly balanced, ideally we want relatively equal win rates, even if that means making the map pool a little imbalanced.

If you want to submit maps, you can just pm me the map ID from this site (PM on teamliquid).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

modified by Eywa-
modified by Eywa-
2017, 09, 10 03:39
Sounds cool. You will announce this to TL too?

edit: lol i didnt read the beginning
modified by JungleTerrain
2017, 09, 10 15:13
Interesting, but I feel like I'm such an uninspired map-maker rn. :(
2017, 09, 12 02:39
I miss your maps Crystal :(
2017, 09, 12 09:43
Hey guys, as a follow up to this, have you guys ever done a "We didn't play test this" event with crazy maps?

I'm looking to do one, I'm wondering who's interested in creating.

P.S. Has anyone experimented with putting units on the map to make mind control viable? ;d
2017, 09, 28 16:22
No we haven't eywa, but we have had competitions in the past about crazy map concepts or w/e. People sometimes put their replays up or w/e, but no actual content like videos as far as I know.

There's a bunch of crazy maps on this site you just gotta find them. I have a few crazy map concepts here on BWMN, same with Freakling , crystal, and definitely a lot of the older map makers like LostTampon, flothefreak, protoss4ever, Crackling, etc. And SiaBBo and jamssi are old school too...

Can't think of any specific maps with neutral units for MC but I remember seeing some around with like neutral hero tanks or hero BC behind some mineral lines or something like that. I just don't remember the name or if it was even on this website.
2017, 09, 28 18:10
Well, I already suggested quite a few rather unusual concepts…

Yes, mind controllable neutral units have definitely been used before.
This map, for example.

DTs have been used as invisible choke blockers, although they are usually easily broken with worker glitching. One could anchor them in terrain nooks, though.
Sieged Edmund Duke Tanks can also fulfill a similar role to egg walls as stationary unit walls, but with more HP and less armour.
I also thought about including ghost heroes or other units with long sight range on strategically placed cliffs to allow queens to parasite them for map vision.
Another thing that has been tried a few times is neutral add-ons for Terran, for example free Covered Obs and Nuke Silos to encourage Nuke play. However, that also means blocking comsats...

The problem with all of these concepts is that they are rather gimicky and very hard to balance. there's usually a better way to do a similar thing (like a temporal choke block) and if it is just for mind control, you basically need strong hero units, and a decent amount of them, to make it even worth it, but then it very quickly becomes botentially game-breaking. Just think of a maxed-out Protoss (with additional hero units, costing no supply) recalling a whole control group of mind controlled super units into a Terran's main…

It's probably hard to find the sweet spot where such a feature does not just contribute nothing to the map and is largely ignored by the players on the one hand, and on the other hand does not completely pigeon-hole strategies on the map and force players to play more with, or agaist, the map than against each other.
2017, 10, 06 16:30
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