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4p Destination
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I was wondering if someone could please make a 4 player Destination. The reason for doing so is because it would be as innovative for 2v2 as it was for 1v1. It encourages Terran to go Mech and Zerg to go Hydra-Lurker. It would be fun to see these strategies in 2v2. Thanks.
2018, 08, 31 18:08
Just do it yourself?
2018, 09, 04 22:55
Speaking of good maps Labyrinth needs a redesign with larger mains and better spacing at thirds, but the concepts brilliant and the flags add much needed zest. Probably a game changing map especially if it got used in ASL or KSL. i think it could be with some tweaks.
2018, 09, 20 12:41
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