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Editor Gone?
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So I recently picked up Starcraft again and wouldnít you know it, Iím itching to make makes again. However, to my shock, after looking around for it I found that the original campaign editor has been abandoned by Activision Blizzard?! LOL!?

I know a lot of new members wouldnít recognize my handle but I used to make maps pretty often back in the day to some success. Well, I have new ideas Iíd like to explore but I canít seem to get scmdraft or star edit to work. I was hoping someone could link me a guide so I can get it to work?

I am overwhelming happy that there has been a resurgence in the map making community and Iíd like to pick up where I left off! Advice is appreciated!

Iíve been out of the loop for awhile. How do I make maps now, with the editor gone?
2020, 03, 30 19:57
What you mean nasty? its SCMDraft. Did you forget?
2020, 03, 30 22:47
Iirc BLizz got rid of staredit and scmdraft is the de facto default editor
2020, 03, 30 22:48
I canít get it to run >_<
2020, 03, 30 23:01
Could you guide me through it perhaps? I have scmdraft in my Starcraft folder. The program doesnít seem to be recognizing it.
2020, 03, 30 23:03
Download the newest version here

It should work no?
2020, 03, 31 00:58
I'll try it out again. I know I have it downloaded. I just can't seem to get it to recognize the root folder/mpq files or whatever.
2020, 03, 31 20:36
Oh, I forgot about the MPQ files.

Mine is just set to install path: autodetect in my starcraft folder. I have no issues.
2020, 04, 01 04:27
Yeah. The Auto-detect definitely finds the correct root folder, however, the editor can't find the correct files that need to be associated with the program. Bizarre..
2020, 04, 01 18:11
You can specify the MPQs in the settings.
However, it might also be that the very newest versions of SCMDraft do not work correctly with the old 1.16 MPQs any more since it's been set up to work with the newest Remastered patches, which have a completely remodeled file system altogetherÖ Best you go on and PM S.I. directly about your issues.
modified by Freakling
2020, 04, 04 02:06
Did you figure it out Nasty!? I'm looking forward to seeing something from you!
modified by JungleTerrain
2020, 04, 21 05:52
Now would be the ideal time to become active again, Nasty :)
Qikz is holding a map contest for STPL on TL.
And ladder as well as Korean leagues (ASL, but probably upcoming team league too) have opened up to foreign-made maps!
2020, 04, 29 13:17
So I finally got the original campaign editor to work! It has an updated doodad palette too! I still donít know how to get scmdraft to work. It appears all of the expansion tilesets canít be selected when creating a new map from scratch.
2020, 11, 29 20:02
SCMDraft2 is running nice.
2020, 12, 30 13:04
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