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Forum - main won`t die
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Sorry dude, we keep rollin`
2005, 12, 16 16:31
Mabye its for the best.

I apprechiate extreemely much what you have done here panschk, but your laidback attitude towards the site is working against its evolution. please dont be offended, its just as it is.

Hopefully someone else will retake this mission, and that we all can continue on that site instead.
2005, 12, 16 16:50
Just hit me that "panschk" is misspelled and that this is probably a bad joke, however i still stand on my point.

I want better systems because anarchy is takign over this site...
2005, 12, 16 17:01
Worst joke ever. Contact me via PN in if you really are serious. But i actually doubt this to be true. Sorry.
2005, 12, 16 17:02
But as SP already said. I think we're going the right way on one side, but a bit to slow and to "laidback". Just can second that.
2005, 12, 16 17:03
Ah, and maybe we should finally think about the login system... we're making asses out of ourselves with this "wannabe" login system as it seems.

I'm just bored of it. :/
2005, 12, 16 17:08
You seem to know a lot about us, really.
2005, 12, 16 17:27
whatever you say, it's your opinion. we're no buyable bitches, esp. not for one who doesn't dare to write his name T_T
2005, 12, 16 17:42
you're just ridiculos.
everyone with noble attitude/reason wouldn't have a problem with saying his name. you're just an arrogant power-obsessed little fukcer :)
2005, 12, 16 17:48
"on a second-tier site like"

hehe that is the words of an unenlighted person :o
2005, 12, 16 17:52
If it's a joke, it's not funny...

If not, i won't comment.

About the login system. I think that if we still don't need such system, soon we will need, because bwmn will become more populer, and more people will come, and what if this site have the same users as in PGTour? Spamers, Flooders, Bad Manners, etc... This site will be very messy...

About " " , we can work together, but not for sale, sorry (Sorry that i speak as "WE", mayby i am not right).
2005, 12, 16 18:11
Well why are you even here then. Dont come with the "i wanna help the community" shit, because you would never do like this then.

Your arrogant approach seems like you dont wanna help anyone but yourself.
2005, 12, 16 18:18
and IF you had a contract, your first post and your first thing to say would have been your name and the mentioned fact

so fuck off, bastard
we don't want you here
2005, 12, 16 18:36
Omg, kids. don't flame. Especially you flo. Stop that.

To Mr." ", if you have good intentions, then why this farce? By now, it just seems like a bad joke. and as you see for yourself, you don't seem to make new friends here with your approach.

So, if you really want to "help", as it by now seems as if you just want to help yourself as Starparty said, then contact us in a mannered way.

Who do you think we are? The Mystery Man or a group of dumbnuts? By now it seems so.

Prove me wrong.
2005, 12, 16 18:46
WBF, is that you? T_T

And SP`s comments make me sad :(
2005, 12, 16 19:27
matter of fact I just rated half of the maps in the DB, and do script updates quite regulary right now.

And btw, I will not shut down this page in the next two years to come, I promise!
2005, 12, 16 19:32
I think his bright idea is to cause to cause division and discontent and try to spoil what you guys have going on here. Give me his IP, I will give you back his head.
2005, 12, 16 19:35
mwahaha Entropy roxx :)
2005, 12, 16 19:38
Don't take SPs comment serious, he was in shock and instantly msgd me about this.

Anyway, we all welcome your work here panschk, but SP is right in the fact that we should improve this site more than just little by little. I see us like an "european version" of Mapdori somehow, or at least we're oing our job very well, but the site should just been way better than it is now. Maybe we can sit together next year and talk about an major update to fit our wishes and give it a more professional touch than it has atm. Ok?
2005, 12, 16 19:43
Wow, not for a momment I thought it was a joke, because I know what this sort of joke ends up causing.. it just fosters division, which is the last thing you guys need.

Thats it, I am making my own authentication method for my posts.

*Check Map Developer Forum for authenticity.
2005, 12, 16 19:43
I would need to know how to get a posters ID in PHP first :O

Well I still hate a login system though. At I need to re-login all the time already, and if there are more than one user browsing the site from the same computer, it becomes even more annoying :(
2005, 12, 16 19:45
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