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Headoff Tourney
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Very soon i will manage a tourney in Headoff on user maps. But i want to stimulate the people out there, and i was thinking for first place to give the player a shoot in some of the showmatchs. I think that if he is first then he will be on the level to play vs good players. Also i know most of the very good players in headoff and i will give you some repleys of them (if i find). Take for example GO_DexteR, they are some repleys on this site. They are many more players like him, who don't play much in headoff. They play in PGTour, WGTour etc... But when it comes for something special like this, then they come. So i am just asking for the first place, can i do that? About showmatchs... If not, i don't know what to do to motive people. Ofcourse there will be lots of repleys for us :) . It's going to be 2 out of 3, no loser brrackets.
2005, 12, 17 13:51
Yeah, good idea. Maybe I'll play in it too.
2005, 12, 17 21:03
Ok, guys the tourney is set on 30th December (Friday) at 20:00 CET in Headoff, channel User Map.

The tourney will be for 32 players with 2 out 3 system, no loser brrackets.

They are going to be five rounds:

1/16 - (4)Sattarchasm
1/8 - (4)Grapes of Wrath 2.0
1/4 - (4)Comet
1/2 - (2)Star Gates
FINAL - (4)Toxicity v1.1

This will be the first map for each round, but when player lose the first match, then he picks a map that he want from the map pack (5 maps).

If there is someone who wants to join the tournament, msg me here, and i will do the registration, because everything is bulgarian, and you won't understand a shit :)
2005, 12, 17 22:43
cool ;)

btw I`m logged in while I write this-_-
2005, 12, 17 23:24
Btw the channel is User Mpas, not User Map

And this time i force player to upload repleys, so don't worry, there will be many repleys to watch after this >:]
2005, 12, 18 00:00
I don`t think anyone can watch all those replays^^

Only upload the good ones ;)
2005, 12, 18 00:10
The players are going to upload the repleys, not me, so do you think i can hold 32 people?! :))

I don't think that a map maker will cry and say "Hey don't upload repleys on my map!"
2005, 12, 18 00:14
Btw can you open this

And if you want to register, tell me to do this as soon as possible, because i am afraid that 32 people will be register fast.

I was thinking about 64 players tourney, but we don't have so much admins and staff...
2005, 12, 18 00:23
this page is so fucking slow...Oh my god :(
2005, 12, 18 00:35
I will participate.^^
2005, 12, 18 01:11
For registration i need this.

*Headoff Acc: (i will made you one, just say what you want)
*How sure you are that you are going to be on-line for this tour (10%-100%):

*Must be writen!
2005, 12, 18 10:01
LGI, is this your first tournament?
I have some experience in tournament organisation, so I can say that there will be chaos :D
Has you already developed rules?
2005, 12, 18 11:51
O_O headlines seems to be written in russian oO ^^
2005, 12, 18 11:52
how did you choose this mappack?
I'm very proud and grateful and stuff that you picked Toxicity ;P
2005, 12, 18 12:04
btw can you create a panschk[FP] account for me? I want to use same account on all servers, to lazy to switch ^_^;
2005, 12, 18 12:44
Name:Jan Openkowski
*Headoff Acc:ScoutWBF
*How sure you are that you are going to be on-line for this tour (10%-100%):100%

There you go
2005, 12, 18 13:30
@Spitfire, no i haven't made, but i was admin many times. I won't have any problems believe me, i've made perfect description rules, etc, etc. I even can say that this is the best organized toruney in headoff ever. But everything is bulgarian and i am too lazy to translete everything in english. So i give only a short description for you guys. Btw why don't you play too?

@flothefreak, i just pick maps that i like very much. They are many more, but for this tournament they are going to be only 5. This type of tournament also is going to be every month. First i want to see the results from the first one ofcourse :) .

@panschk, i try from the first time, but i couldn't i couldn't even make just panschk. So you will be as Panschk_Pro :)

@ScoutWFB, thx. Now i will creat your account, and make your registration.
2005, 12, 18 19:27
20-00 CET is a midnight time for me oO
2005, 12, 18 19:51
Or 23-00, I don't remember.
2005, 12, 18 19:51
20:00 CET :) . Come on be a night bird :P
2005, 12, 18 20:31
Name: Dylan Perkins
*Headoff Acc: e[G]Mecha
*How sure you are that you are going to be on-line for this tour (10%-100%): 100%
2005, 12, 21 21:24
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