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listoric as well as starparty beat me to it. How much quality should the maps have to not be deleted? When you post a bad map in an internet board, your thread won't be deleted on most boards. You would get a few helpful hints on how to improve your map or your overall skill, and many flames because the map sucks. Just deleting the entry could be quite frustrating to the user who uploaded it. On the other hand, when you browse through the maps, you don't want crappy ones...
My suggestion would be: Maps in "user-beta" can be really bad, more experienced mappers can give hints on how to improve it and the author will hopefully make an update of better quality. In the other categories, esp. if someone calls his newbie-map "pro", the entry should be deleted.

Do you agree?
2005, 06, 28 00:57
if the map is rated like 1-2 maybe we could consider deleting it :P The problem is that some people like to rate good map with a poor 1 or 2...
2005, 06, 28 01:09
Yes, a few weeks ago, I saw some maps with maybe a 7 rating, and now, I see no maps with a rating over a 5. I was just wondering if maybe someone is going through the maps and giving bad ratings just for the heck of it or something. Perhaps you could have a couple of good map makers/judges give it a rating and have a separate one for the people ratings. ^_^
2005, 06, 28 09:59
The rating should really not be taken too seriously. The main reason I implemented it was because people love to rate/vote (for) anything not because it is an objective way to judge a map's quality. So if you would delete a map, that should have nothing to do with the rating.
2005, 06, 28 10:16
there could be this voting proces, but also a "recomended rating" set by a moderator, or several discussing and coming up with a good value. although, panschk made tthis page. there are noone here teling us right or wrong..?

I still believe the comments sections should be more visible though
2005, 06, 28 10:42
@comment section: How would you do? I could have links with an underline of course, but other than that I don't see what you could do... And are there really users who don't know how to comment maps or anything?
2005, 06, 28 11:20
maybe you could put (4 "comments") in brackets, not only the count? anyway, i doubt that most of the poeple don`t find the comment button, but some maybe do so.

@ topic, i think you`re right, "improvable" maps should be posted in user-beta, others in user-final. to get rid of the maps which seem to be still under construction.
2005, 06, 28 11:58
@ comments, Listoric's idea is good, but i would want a separate row for comments, saying (X comments) perhaps in a noticable color too. I think it is important with structure, and everything should be easy manouverable.

@topic, but then people post maps in user-final to avoid beeing placed there? :P I put my map in user-beta untill its recognized. there is always tweaking to do, as peatza said... but i get your point.
2005, 06, 28 13:10
the admins should be alowed to change the directory of the map. If the map is posted in the wrong category, the admins should be allowed to change the category, is that possible in any way?

@starparty, yeah, colored would be great.
2005, 06, 28 13:37
yeah that's possible. Just login as admin and change the category. All other fields can be left blanc except for tileset, you would have to put that to the right value too.
2005, 06, 28 16:56
although now im getting the hang of this :P still files need to be "removed manually". you were talking about ftp? :o
2005, 06, 28 17:46
Just wanted to remember all of you to be as honest and as friendly as possible in our comments and try to help and discuss problems more often in a larger comment than in a short one. it will help the mappers to improve more easily and will keep them up posting maps if the comments are qualified and friendly.

Just my 2 cent ;)
2005, 06, 29 12:19
But then i again vote for separating beta maps and userfinal-pro-classic. then there wont be such a "pressure" on the mapmakers to improve the map if it isnt good enough. It will be a makmaking comunity AND a mapdatabase. And it would hopefully be alot of fun
2005, 06, 29 13:04
2006, 03, 30 03:40
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