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Your propositions?
2005, 07, 18 10:49
I nominate (2)Signal by trcc.

I will be honest to you: trcc and starparty are the two mappers who made the most and many of the very best maps here. So I think it's only fair, if they make the first two motw. With so many maps it is almost impossible to find the "best" everytime, so why not make some politics? -_-

This is difficult. You could easily have a starparty motw every week, but I think that would not be a good idea. Like Michael Jordan was not MVP every single season of his career, starparty and trcc should not get motw honor every week, even though they made enough maps that are worth it. Maybe we should even make a rule that you can only have one motw by yourself per month?
2005, 07, 18 15:16
"You could easily have a starparty motw every week"

bwahaha *boasting with confidence*

Gaborious Dunes - trcc
White Lies - Listoric
Pandoras Fantasy - Snooky

Can't decide wich one though.

2005, 07, 18 16:38
panschk, that`s already clear. noone want' to see the same autor over and over again., even if they create great maps.

my vote is for a trcc, planetX would be great, or an ohter map. problem is that most of his maps are beta :/ even if they already are better than most final maps (as i posted in the other thread already)

(2)Blue Horizon - trcc
2005, 07, 18 21:01
How about we take turns every week in picking 3 or 5 fav maps, and then the others get to vote for only them. as it is now we only make suggestions and everyone is voting for the one they selected :P
2005, 07, 18 22:17
If you think the idea is good, i like to begin by choosing the 3 ones i mentioned above.
2005, 07, 18 22:18
And the next map of the week should perhaps be chosen on a monday or something, not a saturday? :P and the motw should be visible when entering the site the entire week, otherwise the point is lost..
2005, 07, 19 08:54
true, should be visible more often. like an extra frame, for the best and most important news above the actual news? we could put tournament and motw news there
2005, 07, 19 12:23
Kind of a good idea.. wonder if there is enought space though.. we dont want the regular news to be pushed away so much that you can't see them..
2005, 07, 21 08:44
Just don't post bullshit news^^ Then there is no need for that, as there are only important news;)
2005, 07, 21 10:32
The point is that news, like motw, are intended to last the entire week the map actually is motw. look at spacepirates news now. its almost on newspage 2, and it still is motw. thats what im refering to, and listoric too i guess. motw and tourneys should be locked on top of news since they are always relevant..
2005, 07, 21 10:56
yeah, they are on top until you make a newer newspost. which would be because of a new tourney or a new motw. I don't see the problem there.
2005, 07, 21 14:24
The 3-4 latest newspost, except yours, were not about either :P I understand if there is technical issues making it difficult to do, but if there isn't, it makes no sense to simply keep latest post on top sinse the way we just suggested would look by far more professional.. atleast it could be linked on the sides f.e articles on

My idea was that the current map of the week would be visible on news page all the time everytime you enter site.'s "pic of the week" for instance. And then there could be a short description and a link linking the actual news post about that motw.
2005, 07, 21 14:48
Yeah, sounds nice Starparty.

Sure, if we don`t post newer news, the MOTW and stuff would be on top, but i don`t want to Update the last newspost over and over again, as i already did, and you already did too panschk.

well, i donīt mind. maybe you make an extra frame for best important news a week and all other news beneath, or we just post news every week, so it won't disapprea to early...
2005, 07, 21 20:29
I think limiting the number of news posted is the best way:) The motw stuff could also be made as an article, so there would be a link to it on the right side the way it is now. So next time someone is away a few days, there is no need to make a newspost for it imo;)
2005, 07, 22 01:43
Its your site, you do as you want. I will simply quote myself: "I understand if there is technical issues making it difficult to do, but if there isn't, it makes no sense to simply keep latest post on top"
2005, 07, 22 08:43
Articles is then a much better idea, though it would require a separate folder in the articles menu to not mix motw's togheter with the tutorials and other stuff.
2005, 07, 22 08:44
I have decided myself. My vote goes for
Gaborious Dunes by - trcc
2005, 07, 22 15:51
hm I'd prefer not taking gab dunes. There are more balanced maps imho. Planet X would be fine to me too...We should decide until tomorrow imo.
2005, 07, 23 21:02
i think trcc's maps in general have less balance problems. most of starparty's maps are great, still. there's a couple other impressive guys here too, like peatza. i've been out of town so i don't remember them all.
2005, 07, 24 06:19
nah, red need 4 hatch on planet x to fe. not that balanced i guess.
2005, 07, 24 11:07
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