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BWM Codex of behavior
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Can we sit down and create one. I would like to reserve the right to remove any trace of the people who cant behave towards others.
2006, 01, 12 14:44
So we would need some moderator tools to be able to edit and delete posts?

I think it is unfortunatly needed, because right now reading this site is no fun anymore. Even the disses are on such a low level T_T

some points for codex:

  • Dont spam the site with maps at one time. Never upload more than three maps at a time.
  • Do not attack other users personally. Write helpful comments to maps, not just "Newbie map" or something like that
  • When commenting on maps, only comment on the map, never on the user that made it. It does not matter if the author slept with your mother, you should still give probs if the map is good.

    Maybe we can start from a clean slate and integrate some people that are not respected yet by educating them.
  • 2006, 01, 12 17:55
    i would like this as a very easy-to-see article or something, like its always on front page. Something similar to - THIS IS OUR HOUSE.
    2006, 01, 12 18:42
    Yeah, it has to be obvious. I'd say put a box on the main page or something? Or have it before you upload a map?
    2006, 01, 12 23:18
    both :p
    2006, 01, 13 00:00
    anyone want to write those rules down?

    Of course some more suggestions by anyone would help too.
    2006, 01, 13 01:01
    will look into it tomorrow :)
    2006, 01, 13 01:33
    Sounds good to me.
    2006, 01, 13 21:54
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