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eS-Fear- vs Mireille
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Any news from Mireille? Maps? Date? Hour?
2006, 02, 04 15:37
I will ask him about it.

Still BWMN pack 1 right?
2006, 02, 04 16:55
I pmed him about it.

Maps will be chosen like last time. So tell fear to pick 3 by himself from BWMN mappack 1 please.

(If you want you can start talking about pack 2, but for this one we will still use the old one)
2006, 02, 04 17:00
Ofcourse BWMN pack 1, i make everything by the rules from BWMN. Even my whole tourney. Anyway i will be happy if there is a BWMN pack 2, but i don't think that i am the one to diside this...

Btw, here are the maps from Fear:

Regnum Noctis
Temple of Eden
2006, 02, 04 17:15
Mireille proposes friday (10th of February) 19:00

He has not choosen the maps yet, but he will pretty soon.

2006, 02, 04 19:40
Mireille wrote:
will be played 15.00 CET @ Friday. My maps: Colonization, Nightlight, Arena

So we are in the map-kicking phase right now.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 02, 07 21:25
Ok, he remove Nightlight. The time is OK. I've just understand from Fear that he spoke with Mireille in Battle Net. If you haven't notice i point his 3 maps:

Regnum Noctis
Temple of Eden

It's Mirielle final tuch, and we are set.
2006, 02, 07 21:43
I just PM'ed panschk but i can write her also, I remove Temple Of Eden.
2006, 02, 07 23:26

1) Regnum Noctis
2) Colonization
3) Crusader
4) Arena

2006, 02, 08 00:53
Bet added.
2006, 02, 08 01:48
Thx, epidiOn.
2006, 02, 08 08:08
oh colonizatuion, thats cool
2006, 02, 08 12:24
Yesterday i played vs Fear on Colonizator. Now this is a map with a lot of potentiol. I just want to say, that Colonizator is a very intresting map. Nice job Panschk :)
2006, 02, 08 12:45
colonization. Not colonizator
2006, 02, 08 13:20
You can edit my posts now :)
2006, 02, 08 13:23
My comments about the maps:

Regnum Noctis:
I really don't like this map personally, it feels big and it's expandsions everywhere
Awesome map! Maybe a bit imbalanced for zerg but atleast it's a very funny map to play in all matchups.
Once again, this map is EXTREMLY easy for terran vs zerg, and should be EXTREMLY hard all matchups vs Protoss. This map certenly needs some patches(im mostly thinking about the expandsion so far away AND without Gas) 2 very big bad things!;)
Just a ordinary map, not very good for terran since of the big entrance. =)

Overall nice maps :D
2006, 02, 08 21:08
Cool Mireille - feedback like this is much appreciated - it's one of the objectives of this event. I hope the map makers all appreciate it, and put an effort into correct any problems that may be pointed out.
2006, 02, 08 22:41
yap, criticism is what we want most actually.
ok, maybe not as much as replays, but certainly: we want criticism, be it negative, be it positive =)
2006, 02, 08 23:09
Ok today 15:00

Anyone going to be there? I can not come :/
2006, 02, 10 09:34
me neither... or mabye i can but id probably be too burned out to do it
2006, 02, 10 09:37
I have work today. :S
Have to go actually.
2006, 02, 10 09:59
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