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Better start early :)
2005, 07, 25 10:36
Btw, change motw "#1", "#2", to MotW29, MotW30, since it is easier to keep track of and search for etc. its week 30 now, and Space pirates was week 29.
2005, 07, 25 10:37
Beeing late with motw 3 here :o

I definitely nominate neo mirror since i, for one, really like that concept. just reversing LT and suddenly people gets uncomfortable and normal strategies seems totally unplayable :)

im going for that one!
2005, 07, 30 13:45
Bah! I would prefer a more original one. Snooky made some nice maps, maybe one of his?
2005, 07, 30 16:17
Really I am not so sure of the idea of enforcing different authors for different MOTW's. I understand your argument, and agree to it somewhat. But still it seems to me that if one person's maps are all better than another person's best map, the better maps in general should be MOTW's before the latter. Judge the map, not the person's map.

That's just my thoughts.
2005, 07, 30 17:01
Dont get me wrong, im usually a modest erson and im only using myself as an example because i personally think i do good stuff :P

But it would be very boring and on the verge of hypocrasy if my maps were MotW 6 times of 10 just because they would seem to be better.

There must be some kind of balance between map quality and the creator. Perhaps we should also do some kind of "Author in highlight", or would that only make it even worse with giving someone extra benefits..?
2005, 07, 30 17:42
And do we have enough authors to fill that category for a uncertain future? :P
2005, 07, 30 17:43
At this point I say - Lets just do the damn thing ;P
2005, 07, 31 02:04
We could interview an author from time to time, and let him choose his favourite map (or favourite 3, and stuff like that :)
2005, 07, 31 02:17

Frenchy ;P
2005, 07, 31 03:59
so.. im still voting neomirror :P i see no other suggestions? ;L
2005, 07, 31 15:25
ruined meadows by snooky
The Great Divide 4 by Tuy (If it is really a 100% new map, it seems to me like I already heard this mapname somewhere) Both really nice maps that I would like to see as motw.
2005, 07, 31 15:35
Lol what were to happen if you voted your own map?
2005, 07, 31 15:43
as for now, the "system" is not very worked out, we just agree on a map :P

Originally (according to me) it was supposed to be that you chose 1 map, and you vote for a map that one of the others chose. but there has not been clear routines set for this event yet and im not quite sure that my sollution works that very well :P

if you wanna pick "lt clone" you might aswell pick neomrror, since it is the coolest lt clone on this page :P The great divide doesnt feel that great to me.. sorry. Im all in for neo mirror. Now you should pick one of your's and then a 3rd party votes between the 2 we chose, then we have a winner. piece of cake.
2005, 07, 31 16:13
Ruined meadows is no LT-clone. That's like saying JR memory is an LT clone or Nostalgia is a rivalry clone. neomirror isn't even a mirror version of a good LT version:[ How can anyone still play these old LT versions where the 9 Cliff (3 on mirror) can be used to kill both expansions, while the others can not.
2005, 07, 31 17:25
Well it worked for me for 4 years, so i can deal with it a bit more.
2005, 07, 31 23:15
Ruined Meadows/The Great Divide

Let a third party decide. If your maps get chosen -you- write the post :P
2005, 07, 31 23:16
If we can't agree i'd also vote for Uphill :) tripplegas exp in corners are just wonderful :) but where are you supposed to build CC? at min only just next to it?
2005, 08, 01 10:54
Yes. tripe gas would be too powerful otherwise-_-

The idea is that you can get A LOT of gas, if you invest A LOT of minerals to get it. Making the map motw without serious testing would be bad though, there are quite a untypical things that require testing in it.

Why is nobody else posting here? T_T
2005, 08, 01 11:48
Well atleast iam :)

I let you decide this week, since i practically decided last week. Go for the great divide if you want uniqueness.
2005, 08, 01 12:54
the great divide is really a nice map to play, I think it is worthy of motw, although there are still some minor position imbalances (9pos has probably harder way to get expos than 6 pos for example, but LT is 100 times worse in that aspect and noone is complaining there)
2005, 08, 02 02:03
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