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Grid Warz
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Any of you ever heard of it?

We tried this back a long time ago in Op Bwchat
but just then the guy that was running it quit bw and it ended.

It would benefit us to do it although its difficult because

A. it will get maps tested
B. its fun and good competition

This is what Grid Warz is....

You have four teams Terran, Protoss, Zerg, Random

All the people that are participating (4 people per team maybe?) sign up for there race of choice.

Then a 4x4 grid is drawn. with 16 maps in total. Each team starts out with there four corner maps

example X X X X top left, 2nd from left and the
X X X X two below those belong to a
X X X X team.

The cornermost maps should probably be 8 player map, where all participate (aka homeworld of your team) it should be a map that benefits your race in some way.(islands for random?)

The other maps should be from this site 4 player maps and 2 player maps that may benefit your race, doesnt have to.

This might go on for a very long time, it depends when teams can play. But you must wait for all teams to make 1 attack before moving on to your 2nd attack. A team can attack if there is a map adjacent to one of theres(not across touching only bottom and top)

If defenders win, they keep the map. If attackers win, they take it.

If you lose your homeworld your out of the game!

a bit long i know. but hopefully you get what i mean.
2006, 03, 21 02:48
I think a BWMN tourney that can gather us is a better idea. Like the 45 minutes competition wich gather a lot of dudes.
2006, 03, 21 06:09
well it is just too complicated. Plus 4on4 on battle net? Come on dude...
2006, 03, 21 10:59
The idea of the game itself is good, but i'd prefer a normal tourney ^^
2006, 03, 21 13:39
4v4 on bnet is easy on east when i do it :[ we could make it 6 3v3 i suppose.
2006, 03, 21 19:51
yea you can host tourneys on
2006, 03, 21 19:51
3v3 and 4v4 i would play for fun, but i really would love to play a 1v1 or 2v2 tourney on maps with a MotW quolity. Because you can hardly find a 6 or 8 players maps that is balance and good enought...

2006, 03, 21 22:47
hunters is trash though.

Some nice 3v3/4v4 maps i know are:

Dark Continent,
Funeral Pyre

btw all blizz maps.
2006, 03, 21 22:49
Let's organize a mappers tourney! We all know that we aren't any good at SC anyways, it will be fun!
2006, 03, 21 23:51
some of us are o.O
2006, 03, 21 23:57
Yeah, some of us talk trash... ;)
2006, 03, 22 04:50
hunters is up there with bb as the most fun maps of all time.
2006, 03, 22 05:47
THE best blizz 4v4 map is defeniently (8)Theater of War ... its in the Broodwarmaps folder... THE best!!
and some of us are pretty decent in bwm.n ... and if not maybe some of us shuldnt theorycraft so much anymore

modified by NastyMarine
2006, 03, 22 06:10
theatre of war is ffa map imo.

Dark continent best 4v4 map
2006, 03, 22 19:59
no way
2006, 03, 22 20:13
how many games have you played on it?

ive played over 20, and there all really fun games because every start position is a lot different while maintaining a little positional balance.
2006, 03, 22 21:02
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