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TANL User Maps
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They are doing an entire season of only usermaps! We need to dominate this contest!
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 04, 12 05:06
2006, 04, 12 16:23
" Do not release your maps to any other website! "

Pretty deadly for the quality of the contest, and pretty bad for us too. what the hell is that for? I will not support anyone in deleting maps from our DB to participate in this contest.
2006, 04, 12 16:46
LOL!I didn't even read that line.That really sucks hard lol!
2006, 04, 12 16:54
whats TANL?
2006, 04, 12 17:31
Team Areola nipple League I think.
2006, 04, 12 17:41
hm wierd. where would i sign up to play in it/submit maps?
2006, 04, 12 17:43
There is a link to the official site and there is a e-mail address you shall send the maps to.The link is on the buttom of the news.
2006, 04, 12 17:48
BWMN to the end! panschk[FP] i am with you about that, anyway i will send some of my maps here, and if they say " Do not release your maps to any other website! " , it will be their problem... Anyway i have a new map that is comming, but i am still not sure if i will have ti skills to finish it. The only person in BWMN, who have the skills is SummerSky atm.
2006, 04, 12 18:57
By the way we could discuss our maps on ICQ//B-Net//MSN.
2006, 04, 12 19:15
yeah def... but no 1 has aim/aol?
2006, 04, 12 19:57
what about a meeting on SC or IRC for us this weekend?
2006, 04, 13 00:00
im going to florida for vacation. i have Aim/Aol though. Dyno12d if you wanna say anything.
2006, 04, 13 00:05
yeah my aim/aol is: nastynickd223

sc meeting sounds good. but i mite not be able to make it.. i'll find out tomorrow
2006, 04, 13 01:01
Hi, guys.

I'm the organizer of the TANL Map Contest, and the TANL. I've never run a map contest, and I'm inexperienced in map-making or the map-making community. I know balance will be a big problem, one that you'll have to test, and I didn't know there was so many sites dedicated to people getting together and commenting on eachother's maps. Needless to say, I should've done my research and talked to people before jumping into this.

I was not suggesting that you delete maps from this database (or any other database) for this matter. I assumed that these would be new maps, but I admit that was foolish; older, already-created maps might win the contest. I just wanted to preserve uniqueness of the maps in the contest. As InfectedMind pointed out to me already, however, a great majority of the maps will remain unknown.

I was going to rely on good players to play-test your maps, also to give you input on what works/what doesn't, but mostly to decide race balance.

The tournament for which you are creating these maps is indeed called the Team Areola Nipple League, and it'll be its fourth season.

Anyway, thanks for so promptly bringing all this to my attention. Rule has been removed. Please don't submit maps that are now well-known and have already been published, though :)


2006, 04, 13 16:43
Oh, one last thing. If you guys start a general topic about the contest under SCEdit and Mapmaking on our forums (, I'll definitely sticky it. Discuss the contest and whatever.

You can also discuss your maps on that forum, it would be our pleasure for you to post your maps there. One topic per map, please.


2006, 04, 13 16:52
Heh, you can't edit your messages. Oh well.

Anyway, last word - really, - you should always link to the true source, especially since certain specifications regarding the 4 player maps will be posted sometime soon :)
2006, 04, 13 16:59
@o]O2[o, we can start a topic, but for a start we can discuss some of the maps that are send to your e-mail for the contest. I am sure that you will have the comments and critizism that you need from us. Many of the mappers here are skilled enough to help you.
2006, 04, 13 17:00
Well, the maps will first have to be judged and accepted, only then will the balancing begin (for us, anyway).

I will let anyone that wants to post their own map in the forums ( ). You can upload your map -picture- using the "Upload File" tool at the topic.

2006, 04, 13 17:14
*At the top
2006, 04, 13 17:17
does this exclude motws?
2006, 04, 13 18:29
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