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upcoming changes to the site
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Ok, that's more as a reminder too my self than anything else, but maybe we can discuss some of the things BEFORE I actually change them

* with opera-browser(7.54) the tables are messed up. I will have to fix that, I hope I find a way

* no-beta displayes "unfinished" maps too. That will be easily fixed, I just want to write it down so I don't forget.

* A forum-ticker on the right menu was already suggested a couple of times, I should just do it. I won't probably be able to prevent the titles from looking as messy as the "article" quicklinks do. Adding an extra table is no option because it would mess up the design even more.

* Biggest change/new feature would be that I'm planning on hosting a 2on2-league on
I want to make it like that:
team-league (no clan league, although you can still register as a clan of course)
games played monday 8PM CET on europe every week. Maybe it could be another day, but monday seems quite good to me.
mappack consists of 5 pro maps and 3 user maps. I would pick pretty conventional user maps probably, as I don't expect the players to exercise on the specific maps, so they should be well playable the first time you play them, even if you don't know them.
If I really do it depends on the feedback I get from my [FP]-clanmates too. I want to have at least 3 teams from FP in it, as I think it would be a good exercise for 2on2 in BWCL.
2005, 08, 01 12:03
Let the map of the week be played in a "special extra points" tourney every week if it is a 4 player map. That wount happen every week so its something you'll have to look for.

We could have map competition to decide the usermaps. Must be new maps not posted on this site before competition start ;) Maps should also be 2on2 orientated rather than 1v1. The ladder leaders should also be displayed in a right/left side menu on the page.
2005, 08, 01 13:04
There should be a "competition" category, to place maps in when we have competitions. then you wont have to look for them in user beta site. How to transfer maps into this category, we'll have to discuss firther though
2005, 08, 01 13:06
On the competitions page, there can first be link to view different competitions, with latest on top. When you click that link you get redirected to sub-competition page, where there is a newspost regarding the competition on top, and submitted competition maps like a normal maplist below that :9
2005, 08, 01 13:08
I thought of having a special "competetion" category for stuff like that. But it would be pretty unfair and stupid to make all maps that are already in the database ineligble. I want the best maps to win, not the best I've never seen before. Having to re-upload a map or even change the "maptype" so it can take part in it would only mess up the database in the process.

I think it could be done by having an extra scripts for contests, where you don't actually upload maps, but just enter the mapid, so it is linked to the already existing map in the database.

Anyway, I think that will have to wait, I don't want this whole mapcontest thing to take more than a few days, it would be cool if we could start the league next week, or at least the week after.
2005, 08, 01 13:26
"I think it could be done by having an extra scripts for contests, where you don't actually upload maps, but just enter the mapid, so it is linked to the already existing map in the database."

Vey good idea! You never stop to amaze me ;) Then we can use the original map comments anyway! But i suggest waiting with the competition until after the 10th of august. BlizzCon still has priority 1.
2005, 08, 01 14:22
well, when I posted this about a 2on2 league, it was because I wanted to make a 2on2-league, not because I wanted a big mapcontest. I this works how it is supposed to do, we can still have a mapcontest for season 2.
2005, 08, 01 15:30
True. Btw, for GMCS, can't you make a sieged tank as a symbol, and a dead goon and so on. would really help in describing what you mean :) specially the sieged tank would be a great icon, and also other things like non-optimal geyser, a explosionicon to show where it can hit and so on..

I can do some of the icons, if you get msn so i can send them effectively :o
2005, 08, 01 15:40
Also move down the "post" button in GMCS since if you are a bit too fast you click another icon by mistake, and since there is no deletion it looks stupid on the image and might be hard to comprehend too.
2005, 08, 01 15:53
Hey guys, design looks good atm. I`m already on a newer design for the page. Till now it`s just a scratch on paper, but i get the programmes i need during the next days, maybe i can work on a PC at my GFs too. We'll see. So it will take at least 2 months till it "may" be finished, so don't worry panschk, you won't have to cahnge it every week ;)

The GMCS thingy is really cool, gj. Is there a "GMCS comment posted" thing already? haven`t seen something since my last visit, but haven't looked now.

I apreaciate a 2on2 league as well as more 1on1 tournaments (because i just can play 1on1 *sigh*), as well as mapcntest someday. Till now, "small" mapcontests are already made (forum) and so we shouldn't concentrate on that one.

keep up the good work! cya :)
2005, 08, 01 18:36
The GMCS should open in a enlarged window instead of a small :) (luxoury problem)

and what do you think about the icon idea?
2005, 08, 02 00:49
the new window is just target='_blank', just a new browser window. If it is a big or a small one depends on the users settings. I don't want to make javascript popups for that, they may be blocked by browsers and they don't have the navigation bar.

Yeah, I will add more symbols 4 sure. tomorrow probably.
2005, 08, 02 01:32
Want help? And the ' <-- cant be typed in the GMCS, it cuts of the text. But you prolly knew that
2005, 08, 02 08:47
yeah I know. I don't think that can be fixed. I should write it there though, so that users don't even try.
2005, 08, 02 10:11
"illegal charachters = ' " etc...
2005, 08, 02 11:24
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