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I think I'm gonna take a little break from making maps... I want to improve my skills at the actual game of starcraft. Every since I lost faith in my skills (Got my ass beat every time) I went into fulltime map making. I feel like I've lost my touch in that area as well. So I was just wondering if anyone could "train" me. I haven't played the game in god knows how long and I forgot all the simple BO's... I don't even remember what race I used to play (i changed so much). So keep in mind that I am a T O T A L noob, and even though I have prior experience, I never got serious with the game.

You can tell how noob I am by my rec. I think I only have like 40-50 games on it -.-

So if theres anyone out there with decent skill and patience that would like to help me out, that would be just awesome.

My main problem before was my fear of losing, but now I couldn't give a shit less so feel free to bounce me around. I'll be on for most of today.
modified by Arden(WoF)
2006, 05, 17 01:19
I can always give ya some pointers.. im not uber gosu but theres def stuff i do know that can help ya out for the time being.. and depending on ur race that u want to work out wit too i can help
2006, 05, 17 01:49
I think I was protoss during my peak, although my peak was still noob.
2006, 05, 17 02:05
Well I'm on PGT most of the time under prOxi.SouL)iO-, and I'm Protoss. I'm gonna leave it up to you to find me though, if you're interested.
2006, 05, 17 03:10
i'd like to help, but seriously i dont have the time. im busy trying to get B on PGT myself, and then i got school and whatever, hopefully you'll find some1
2006, 05, 17 03:41
BnetX = PGT ?

If so, then I can't get mine to work
modified by Arden(WoF)
2006, 05, 17 04:10
I also aint that great. When I play on, I get my ass handed down every single time
2006, 05, 17 05:32
Yeah Bnet.x = PGT
2006, 05, 17 15:39
My last game is like 1 month ago. Really only way I could imagine playing BW again would be on only user maps. If we could have a meeting once a week, I'd try to come. should we do that?
2006, 05, 17 16:38
why not...even if there aren't many ppl around, at least the probability to meet s.o. at those times is higher than usual.
2006, 05, 17 16:46
im not the best, but i have so much time to burn that its not funny.

i play mostly protoss. im not too keen on the seeking people out to play, so if you want a game with me just msn me or something.
2006, 05, 17 20:31
Yeah, I'm a bit shy when it comes to accepting challenges/offering them. I also play protoss, and I also get my ass handed down to me every game =/. My constant losses against Terran's who box me in on LT is less than fun, those lt games don't help me at all...
2006, 05, 17 21:04
While we're on the topic of PGT. I can't get a game to work... I try to join a firneds game and it doesn't let me...
2006, 05, 17 22:06
Are you using the launcher? Did he make it on a PGT map? Is he using the launcher?
2006, 05, 17 23:36
well....I go into sc...and instead of USeast i go to Bnt.x
2006, 05, 18 00:15
well theres the problem right there. You have to open up SC with the launcher. if you click the program starcraft, you will only be able to go on but not play on it.
2006, 05, 18 01:36
Hm... where can I get this launcher?
2006, 05, 18 06:31
on the pgt site;)
2006, 05, 18 10:26
I can help.

And your map skills can't get worse, only better ^_^

you can usually find me on nex-decaf @ useast
2006, 05, 18 23:13
If you need a low skilled player to play with, I'm usually around West op tl-west or op cal under MuShuPork or on East op sen or #public chat kj under Guru_Pekkel.
2006, 05, 19 02:41
I think I played with you a few times, you might be a little better, if not a lot better. But I'd like to play sometime.
2006, 05, 19 04:53
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