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hey i havent made a map in a while and i wanted to

map is 128x128.

i go 30 tiles down from the top left and make a mark.

then, i go left 30 tiles from top right, and its way off.

i also went 15 tiles from top right to the left, since from top to top its half the tiles of what top to bottom is.

my question is, how do i get a horizontal marking equal to a vertical marking?
2006, 07, 18 01:37
it is equal .. its just that the gameplay screen of StarCraft (in game) is not a square.. its a rectangle, so the map is made so it fits the in game screen.
2006, 07, 18 03:46
it doesnt look anywhere near equal though... one of my marks is almost in the middle of the map, while the other is very close to the corner..
2006, 07, 18 04:08
Staredit places pieces of terrain sized 2 grid cells high and 4 cells wide.
So if you put 30 tiles from the top left to bottom left you will have one big piece of terrain with length of 60 cells.
And if you put 30 tiles from the top left to top right you will have terrain with length of 120 cells =/
It's annoying to create symmetry with these fucking tiles..
Nasty, the map is exactly square and it doesn't need any fitting.
2006, 07, 18 07:07
yea cuz im tired of using 4 corners, and for this map, i am using a very wierd 4 start positions set up, but i cant get it symmetrical!

as spitfire said, it is 60 and 120, but if you half it to 15 tiles so its 60 and 60, it is not even close to correct either.

so i am trying to figure out what is the equivalent
2006, 07, 18 13:57
OK I GOT some info....

on 128x128

top left going down 30 tiles

is equal to top left going right 20 tiles

2006, 07, 18 17:49
"Nasty, the map is exactly square and it doesn't need any fitting."

not in mini map form it isnt. They possibly did that b/c the ingame screen is a rectangle (because of the bottom (unit commands, mini map etc.)). The map seems like its not a square b.c of the mini map... and thats another reason why they used the iso terrain cursor to compliment the map.
2006, 07, 18 17:51
No. If you are not wrong - than control panel is 50% of the screen.. And the map (128x128) is SQUARE no matter how does it is being seen on the screen.
2006, 07, 18 19:08
can you guys help me out instead of arguing :p

i want to know why 20 tiles and 30 tiles are equal. how does that make any sense
2006, 07, 18 19:22
i know the map is a square.. i wasnt saying it isnt.. it just appears that way.
2006, 07, 18 19:48
just use coordinates dude... they are displayed whenever you move the cursor on the screen.
2006, 07, 19 09:16
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