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Anyone who wants to play me on the map they made, please AIM me at SlickSalsa or ICQ me at 426363133 (I have an MSN, but I don't want spam e-mails =D). I'm not terribly bad, but I'm not great either. I maintain about 100 APM (more if I'm ~FIGHTING!) and I play random, or let my opponent choose my race, if he or she likes. I am online fairly often.

Anyone else also willing to play with people on maps they've made, should not be timid to add their name to this list I'm about to make.

SlickSalsa -Chef@USWest (PsychoTEMPlar)
The64man -Nightmarjoo[BA]@USEast (Nightmarjoo)
eversochris -in.die@USWest/USEast (AiurZ)
nastynickd223 -NastyMarine@? (NastyMarine)
eilanzo -MuShuPork@USWest (MuShu)
Cenerae -Cenerae@Europe (Cenerae)
DM57777 -Yenku@USEast (Yenku)
piratelove001 -Valug@USEast (Valug)
YourAIMHere -YourB.NetIDHere (YourUserNameHere)

MSN: -NastyMarine@? (NastyMarine) -Yenku@USEast (Yenku) -Cenerae@Europe (Cenerae) -Artanis[Xp]@Europe (LaO-Artanis)
YourMSNHere -YourB.NetIDHere (YourUserNameHere)

426363133 -Chef@USWest (PsychoTEMPlar)
464944155 -Artanis[Xp]@Europe (LaO-Artanis)
450610905 -Cenerae@Europe (Cenerae)
YourICQHere -YourB.NetIDHere (YourUserNameHere)

DA]spinesheath@Europe (apparently is never on)

modified by PsychoTEMPlar
2006, 09, 30 17:17
west id - inept
2006, 09, 30 18:30
useast Nightmarjoo[BA]
aim: The64man
lol it's a stupid sn I know but I made it years ago when I played nothing but the nintendo 64 and don't care enough to change it.
2006, 09, 30 18:56
ive been using the id in.die on east/west
or you could try my aim at eversochris
2006, 10, 01 00:39
I'm on occasionally as boongee on East.
2006, 10, 01 20:32
my aim is:

my account(s) are:

2006, 10, 03 01:16
DA]spinesheath @ Europe

If you manage to spot me, you are lucky ;) Right now I'm rarely on.
2006, 10, 03 01:20
Aim: eilanzo
West SN: MuShuPork
Username: MuShu
2006, 10, 04 23:40
Mostly to bump, but also informing you that I'm going to put this (the list) up on, and maybe a few other sites. If you're uncomfortable with that, please let me know, and I will leave your name out on the other sites.

2006, 11, 05 23:28
im ok with it. You should IM me more to play :)
2006, 11, 06 01:39
Didn't see this before...guess it wont hurt to put my name down :)

AIM: Cenerae
ICQ: 450610905
MSN: lauranacole(at)hotmail(dot)com

Cenerae@Europe and US East (rarely on East)
modified by Cenerae
2006, 11, 06 15:44
All gates: Artanis[Xp] (however only really play on Europe)
ICQ 464944155
Skype sc_artanis (but never use it)
modified by LaO-Artanis
2006, 11, 06 15:57
lolz, "apparently never on" Oo

True, I am fairly inactive lately, but I used to be on for several hours not too long ago, and this will continue once I have the time again...
2006, 11, 06 19:19
well i could try to invite some [uUc] member :) but i have to go to active before
2006, 11, 06 23:16
Thanks to all who have submitted their information to this list =D This is something I feel is very important and necessary for our community, and it makes me very happy people are participating ^^

In the future, however, please post your information in the format I have in the list. It'll be much easier for me to just copy and paste your information into the list =)

2006, 11, 07 00:22
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