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mapmaking ethics
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As some might know, I've been getting into mapmaking for a couple of days now.

The problem is, the concept I had in my head requires uhm ... "bending the rules" a little in order to realise it

Now what I ask you people: Do you think there's a limit to "artificial" editing in order to achieve the map you desire?
For example(this was only a thing I tried), if this would be in a map, but even though it's unnatural has SO much influence on the balance of the map, would you mind it?

Actually, that one isnt even the final version of what I achieved but I'm not on the right pc now and that one was already online...

Anyway, what I am trying to achieve is the following: A high platform 815 pathway. (For those who dont know; I'm talking about a pathway where marines,zerglings,zealots,hyds,ghosts,etc... only can pass. So no tanks,...)

When making this pathway vertically I had no problems at all:

But as you can see it's amazingly hard when doing it horizontally because the corners go deep enough for tanks to fit <_<

If anyone can find a pretty way to make a horizontal 815 pathway, please do. I shall love you eternally.
2006, 10, 01 00:55
i think the top picture can be made to fix... i think. ill give it a try, post again when it's done :)

(made to fix: made so that it looks more normal)
2006, 10, 01 01:32
Alright I'll post it as soon as I can get on my other pc :)
2006, 10, 01 01:36
Make sure that when you do this the pathway isn't the shortest route to your opponent. Otherwise, the pathing will get really annoying.
2006, 10, 01 02:25
That shouldn't pose a problem, the pathway is mostly at the edge of the map.
2006, 10, 01 02:27
ah, your going for a smaller version of the korhal pathways :D
2006, 10, 01 09:53
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