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protected maps
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Just wanted to make that clear, although it should be anyway: I do not support protecting maps, and actually I'm all for just ignoring protected maps in future MOTW-discussions untill they are "fixed". Are you with me on this one?
2006, 10, 03 22:35
standing right behind you (no sexual reference)
2006, 10, 03 22:43
haha :)

yea i "third" that :P
2006, 10, 03 22:48
It's really gay. Most of the maps here no one wants to play anyway so they're not going to steal it. And as for the good maps, they have enough publicity on bwm at least so that no one will take credit for your map.
Protecting your map makes it impossible to test some things which are easy to do in SE.
Also people do like to use bits and pieces of maps in theirs, to not allow that takes away part of the community of mapping.
modified by Nightmarjoo
2006, 10, 03 22:48
woo woo 5th on that :D hate it when i want to have a closer look and some ass protected it ><
2006, 10, 04 10:49
Protection or quality? Protection > quality. Maps like Vengeance Rivers win because this
2006, 10, 04 12:27
protection isnt needed, just for the reasons panschk mentioned
2006, 10, 04 12:33
Sorry but i not remove protection. I aggrieved after MOTW 39 and MOTW 40
modified by GriG
2006, 10, 04 12:43
well, you'll get aggrieved everytime then. say no to protection.
2006, 10, 04 13:15
Yesterday i say: If DF win MOTW i upload unprotected version. 7 votes for DF vs 6 votes vor vengeance river. But vengeance river win. And one big question: Who test vengeance? And why in this map startpos BLUE has 9 minerals and startpos RED has only 8? This is MOTW map quality? Or few VIP users vote AGAINST DF or FOR Vengeance? In MOTW39 11 peoples voted for DF and only 3 peoples vote for Vengeance Rivers - Valkyrion, spinesheath and nastyman breasts. For that reason i aggrieved.
2006, 10, 04 13:29
ill tel u once more:

- this is a private website, not democratic, and winning a vote does not necesarilly make your map motw (specially with al the dubious voting)

- stop griefing yourself. you think people like you for what you call them?
2006, 10, 04 13:40
the 8-9minerals thing is embarrassing, but we're just used a high standard so we dont even think of counting such cheap stuff. DF wont win EVER before you unprotect it. besides, THE VOTES ARE NOT DECIDING! THEY ARE A HELP TO DECIDE THE BEST MOTW FOR THE PAGE AND THE USERS.
2006, 10, 04 13:42
btw...the mineral count thing is another example why I dislike protecting maps. I fixed the map myself when Nightmarjoo asked me to, I could not do that if the map was protected..

I still don`t get why you protect your map, but quality can`t really be the main reason. For example if your obs version was buggy, noone would find out untill they play the map.
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 10, 04 19:09
This is not reason. If my map win one MOTW i immediately unprotect map and all see melee and obs versions. My obs versions is tested many times and no buggy! But who tested vengeance rivers? All see - MOTW win buggy map and you after MOTW fix buggs and in this place and forum peoples see this.
2006, 10, 05 10:35
ggnet forum people also see in your name at the 'honorable mention'

get your maps unprotected, why the hell you protect it? it seems you dont trust us..
2006, 10, 05 11:47
who cares, protected maps dont win, end of discussion. people cannot even look at it in staredit.
2006, 10, 05 14:35
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