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Deleted News
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I deleted my admin account without knowing it would remove the news. I'm sorry, i didnt know that would happen. Please forgive me.
2006, 10, 04 00:02
The news are still on the site. But if i edit them to be back on the newspot section it would write "Posted by: LGI" which i can't do. So maybe someone else...
2006, 10, 04 00:04
its fine, most of the MOTWs were pretty garbagy anyway
2006, 10, 04 00:19
the posts are not gone forever. Just gone on vacation;)
My bad, script is still buggy :p

Nastymarine, I hate to hear that. I really appreciate(d) your work here. I really hope you can change your mind. I dont know what posts caused that decision, but I hope it is nothing that can't be fixed. Be nice to each other :-)

edit: Okay I just read that stuff in the motw-thread. both said some mean things, but in the end I am with Nastymarine for his decision to make VR motw. DF was still protected, so we do not even have to argue about it.

Please don't be childish Nastymarine and come back -_-
modified by panschk[FP]
2006, 10, 04 00:55
okay maybe im overreacting.. but i have to think about it
2006, 10, 04 01:09
sorry i cannot. I will continue to post MotWs at but i do not wish to have admin priveledges here.
2006, 10, 04 06:45
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