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Show Match BWMN 2 #1
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Ok, let's start again whit the show matches on BWMN map pack 2 ok?

inF.Technics (Z) vs ?

Can someone find a player?
2006, 10, 24 13:05
(sorry i don't quite know the map pack n all)

but i'd suggest another Z player. Don't see too many ZvZ lately.
2006, 10, 24 14:55
i suggested in in an other thread, but no onem seemed to like it. me do

2006, 10, 24 16:11
zvz does not show how the map plays at all. zvz is nearly the same on most ground maps (unless it's like Gaia on close pos, where mutas are even more of a threat than on other maps).
And it's not like many players would dare to try hydras ;)
2006, 10, 24 16:13
i could ask my gosu friend who is T.. but technics is just too good to him
2006, 10, 24 16:15
what level is technichs on? would maybe goody or schnibl0r fit?
2006, 10, 24 16:55
i guess that would be okay, technics is strong, he participated in wcg and so
2006, 10, 24 17:11
technics got raped @ WCG
2006, 10, 24 21:03
but thats wcg, with stronger opponents.. i think goody is about the same level
2006, 10, 24 23:30
Rematch vs Mireille?
G5? (i think this would be cool)
2006, 10, 25 01:32
Technics wants me to pick his 3 maps, so here they are...

(2)Awoken Demons
(4)Home of the swarm

He can play this friday morrning or evening.


"I play whit 60% of my skills at WCG"
modified by LGI
2006, 10, 25 13:44
LMAO. lie more kid. he got 1-4 raped and he knows it
2006, 10, 25 14:35
He raped Lamer in WCG Bulgaria just before the finals...

And "I play whit 60% of my skills at WCG" means that he wasn't in his best shape, whats whit the lie in this?
2006, 10, 25 15:19
oh i thought he was implying that he didnt try. like he only used 60 percent of his skill.
2006, 10, 26 01:57
Well? He is waiting for the match, and we still don't know who is his opponent. Shall we move on?
2006, 10, 27 08:13
i could ask some ger progamers if there is no opponent yet
2006, 10, 27 13:31
do it flo, a goody vs technics would be nice :)
i dont think LGI would decline him
modified by Antares
2006, 10, 27 15:48
I think the skills of both of them are almost even. Before yes, but now it seems that Technics has upgrade himself a little. Will see in the showmach it will be intresting.

So flo, tell us if he wants this SM, dates, maps, etc, etc. And ask him which map of those three he doesn't like, just like old times...
2006, 10, 27 17:43
goody seems to be vanished from the internet -.-
i can neither contact him via ICQ nor IRC. i'll try to get someone else
2006, 10, 30 18:46
Okay, G5 said he would. Should be a good match.

He just wants a time/date/channel. Pick his maps for him. Just post everything here and I'll pass the information on to him.
2006, 10, 31 01:19
(4)Muse 1.1 !! :D
2006, 10, 31 03:40
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