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A cool custom idea...?
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Hey, I've been screwing around a little in SCMdraft... I made this little custom terrain sample, and I want to know if it is cool enough to include in a map...

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2006, 11, 09 02:30
lol well try and get the jungle/water transition to looks better^^

It's fine, just bare in mind that a tight high bridge like that will be just as gay as any other bridge. It's fine to use, just make sure you use it right.
2006, 11, 09 02:37
Well yeah, I'd do the jungle to water trans nice, this was just a sample to see if I could pull off the temple to water transition.
2006, 11, 09 02:53
Now that I think about it you could make a nice map dealing with island forts with this. Is there any way to make the temple buildable on?
2006, 11, 09 03:09
I dunno, perhaps some doodad trick?
2006, 11, 09 03:34
Buildable Temple would be a new to me. There aren't any doodads for it, and no unused tiles either.
So quite probably not.

Well, the usual melee map is not meant to contain fancy terrain stuff, it should offer balance and playability.
Check out (3)Tamoanchan to see my started concept map where I tried to make a heavily custom-terrain map with some other neat things. It was not accepted by the people on here, so I stopped work on it.

This extended terrain (even the bridge itself) would not be enough for UMS maps, btw. At least not if you let me or the people at judge it.

Imo you should only try such things in melee maps if they are needed OR if it's the very concept of the map.

I also have some complaints about it:
The upper end of the bridge is obviously made with normal bridge tiles.
a) The blending looks not that good
b) the bridge tiles are lowground, while the temple tiles are at least medium ground if not high (depending on what you chose). This causes some hit quote problems.
2006, 11, 09 21:47
Dude not even a marine could stop on that small bridge tile.It's unpassable.
2006, 11, 09 22:10
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