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Need 49 maps!
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I'm RaDiX and I'm map-admin in a new project. I wont tell anything about the project, except that I need 49 maps (and it's not a ladder). The maps be played balanced, and look good. They can't be maps, wich are played in leagues (Nazca, etc) or a pro map (luna, lt, etc).
The maps what are going to be chosen, wont be brought to light untill the project is released.

I don't want a list what maps can be chose from you, just to know if we are allowed to use your maps.

Also I'd like to meet some of the admins to talk more about this project and choose the maps.

I'm sorry I can't tell you more about this project, I'm only one of 3 ppl who knows about it :)

2007, 03, 26 15:27
You can use my maps ^^
2007, 03, 26 15:28
i think everybody welcomes if his/her map is chosen to play by any gamer. me too, so you are free to use them. i think everybody allows it.

see maps in bwmn mappack 1 and 2, they are jewels here and was collected from the best. it contains at least 20 outstanding map.
2007, 03, 26 16:09
yep, i also think that you are free to take all maps (including mine of course) except someone explicitly disallows you to do so :)
2007, 03, 26 16:59
i explicitly disallow you to take a map from here, excluding mine.
2007, 03, 26 18:06
you can take any map of mine :)
2007, 03, 26 20:20
yup , mine too although its doubtful you will want any of them. (maybe rocket is about it)
2007, 03, 26 21:04
Ok, my way of looking at it is: We make these maps for a community, for the entire starcraft community, there aren't many things better to a mapper than to have his/her map played on.

Saying you can use our maps is an understandment, PLEASE USE OUR MAPS is closer to it =/

Also, feel free to point out edits you would want, or for someone to improve a map whose concept you like or something.

"Also I'd like to meet some of the admins to talk more about this project and choose the maps"
if you include myself in that, my aim is the64man msn is, if I'm not online on them, I don't have internet to my computer lol, I'm always on, just not always there :) Or just setup a day for admins to meet on bnet or something? w/e works.

All I know is that 49 bwm maps being used in anything is pretty great :)
2007, 03, 26 21:22
Well, as long as you don't alter then significantly without trying to ask the creator, or steal credit - who should have a problem with it? ^^
2007, 03, 26 21:31
yeah notate author maps :)
2007, 03, 26 22:13
You can use any map I made and as I made 30+Maps there is only space for 20 other maps.

Sorry guys. ^^
2007, 03, 26 22:54
Ok cool. I thought so but I wanted not to have any1 saying: "U used my maps, u're not allowed to" ^^
2007, 03, 27 15:12
You can take my maps if you want :)
2007, 03, 28 22:21
What maps are you considering??
2007, 03, 29 21:18
Hmm this project is released about in 6-12 months... Have selected only few maps on losttampton :P
2007, 03, 30 14:32
In 6-12 months you'll see SC:5!!!! This better be a game where u can fuck the shit outta kerrigan before she was infested on these maps!
2007, 03, 30 15:34
Well I can't do it any faster.. The maps I can choose in 1hour, but the coding etc takes much more time...
2007, 03, 30 18:29
this thing isn't starcraft? oO
2007, 03, 30 21:13
Lol yes it is.... ^_^
2007, 03, 30 21:51
lol then what's with it not being released for 6 months? That's a long time, no?
2007, 03, 31 23:42
Hey RaDiX, with the maps we've both been making, alot of them stil need replays, do you want to set up a time for mass testing?

... I mean, since we both need reps :P

modified by Alumni
2007, 04, 10 03:23
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