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Can't edit map
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I wanted to make a quick update on my RetroTech map, but it says wrong password. Can you reset pass for me? Map 365
2005, 08, 25 17:07
Panschk, I meant you...not starparty.
2005, 08, 25 17:27
haha, I tried to login as well, did not work:P
And now i tried with firefox, and it worked.
Something is not working 100% there, maybe try with another browser or rebooting until it is fixed :(
2005, 08, 25 18:02
Yeah, firefox worked for me too. Thanks
2005, 08, 25 18:23
when i edit stuff in adminzone i get wrong pass sometimes, but the changes are done anyway... so perhaps it doesnt matter, i dont know. make sure you write the characters right, cause i believe this system is case sensitive and that could perhaps be the issue why IE wont let you through.

(For future references) I cannot reset pasword for you atm. However i can delete your entry making you able to upload the new version and set a new pass.
2005, 08, 25 21:22
Well I can change the password ;) Right now I am the only one with access to mysqladmin-area, if SP wants I can give him these rights too.

Yes it's all case-sensitive.

Anyway, if I wasn't that lazy, I'd fix that ;)
2005, 08, 25 22:43
id love to, but you'll have to give me a quick tutorial if there is some funny stuff which is above average knowledge.
2005, 08, 25 22:45
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