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Why do I see sprites in the pictures of some maps? Do they mean something?
2007, 06, 08 23:30
Wich pictures do you mean?
2007, 06, 09 01:32
I mean like a melee map picture. Look on the front page for expmple.
2007, 06, 09 01:51
What do you mean with sprites??? All i see on the picture is in the map, too.
2007, 06, 09 01:55
As in a Unit like "Protoss Temple" or "Ion Cannon"
2007, 06, 09 02:31
Its a UMS mapper melee kids wudnt understand :P
2007, 06, 09 02:32
Of course we understand :) These are neutral buildings. We put them into maps, because we want to block pathes. You have to destroy it and then move on. Just like the mineral block system. There you place minerals, here we place "neutral buildings".
2007, 06, 09 02:41
it depends on which image program you use. scm2jpeg doesnt show sprites, scmdraft image function (BUT RESIZE IT!) does.
2007, 06, 09 11:57
so uhhh...why are there sprites there?
2007, 06, 09 15:59
lol because they were placed in the map as neutral buildings to tighten or block an area. For example in my map (2)Inertia I placed a neutral building at the nat choke, thus tightening it. I did this instead of placing cliff there because 1. it forms a perfect edge against which a wall can easily be formed and 2. I wanted it to be able to be destroyed later for more room.

For Dreamcatcher, one use of the neutral is to block a path. This makes it so as if the path didn't exist early on, making defense easier, but can be destroyed offensively to make defense harder for your opponent or to form a way to scout by, or to open up yourself if you need an alternative route etc.

The sprites are in both the map and the picture.
2007, 06, 09 20:09
*Side Note*
But you can't walk trough those like normal sprites.
2007, 06, 09 20:29
Why cant you? I am a UMS mapper and am used to dealing with sprites...they were always like ghosts for me.
2007, 06, 09 20:37
Cuz these are no real " Sprites" This are buildings like a CC or so. For more info pls read this:
2007, 06, 09 20:48
sprites -> unit sprites

I am surprised a ums mapper wouldn't know this...
2007, 06, 09 21:23
I hardly used them.
2007, 06, 09 22:00
@Nightmarjoo: UMS mappers come in all levels of skill, just like melee mappers :p
2007, 06, 10 17:41
I am a poor UMS mapper and a poor melee ratio of quality maps on both is about the same.
2007, 06, 10 21:29
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