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Team iM
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I've talked to people in Team iM, channel clan iM on east, and they have offered a pact of sorts with us here at bwm.

Essentially, they host daily tournaments, and want to use our maps. But it's a little more than that. Of course they can use our maps, and they already said they'll give us the replays no problem. Also, they plan on reviving's Blizzard Gaming Nights, a weekly tournament thing, very similar to Avaton it sounds like. They would be featuring bwm maps in that too.

The plan is, too make both and their team/channel more active by helping eachother out. We give them maps, they give us games, we advertise iM's participation and their tournies, encouraging more people to participate in their tournies, helping their team grow and their tournies to be bigger, which in turn gives us more reps etc. They said that they'd have no problem with testing our maps too, giving us games outside of the tournaments, so we can give them our very best, tested and edited, balanced and amazing, new and innavative, maps for their tournies.

They also plan on getting in on the action, providing more activity to sclegacy, and forming another way to advertise bwm and iM.

iM is run by ex x17 members, who left since x17 became the hell hole of east, full of bm etc.

Sounds like this won't interfere with teambwmn in europe at all. We can chill in their channel, or just stay in op teambwmn. In case teambwmn doesn't work out, and the channel hasn't shown any signs of becoming fully active yet, we could just hang out in their channel for testing games and whatnot. And of course we can participate in their tournies.

This is all I know I think, I'll add more later when I learn more. Their channel already seems pretty active. Apparently they've had 3 tournies in one day before, so sounds like this really could help us with testing our maps and advertising them to the community.

There seems to be no catch, we just provide them with maps, and edit them to not be imbalanced, and we're good to go^^

Discuss please. As I said before, this should not interfere with teambwmn at all, simply bring activity to our maps and site.
2007, 06, 16 03:25
why not. we certainly profit of that, and if we can pay them back with advertising, gogo.
2007, 06, 16 12:07
I they have a good training program for newbie melee gamers? I may join if so
2007, 06, 16 13:16
Not inside the team itself, but I hear from people in the channel it's a very friendly environment (so far), and that there are people in there getting help from everyone they play and whatnot.
2007, 06, 16 20:14
It couldnt possible be less active than [SiN]. Im checking it out.

Addition: I thought it was impossible...
modified by Deathman101
2007, 06, 17 15:22
I won't advertise other clans.
2007, 06, 17 17:13
ROFL ...ur way too loyal
modified by Deathman101
2007, 06, 17 19:20
Dude I'm the Leader of my own Clan. Why should I advertise other clans?
2007, 06, 17 19:36
i agree
2007, 06, 17 19:45 need to go all madcatish

Imitation-> *unsheaths claws* "kkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhh, kkkkkkkh"
modified by Deathman101
2007, 06, 17 23:11
Scout an east team isn't going to compete with an afk europe team :) don't worry. We'll advertise Dna when your team forms a pact with bwm showcasing our best maps.

And wtf deathman -.-
2007, 06, 17 23:41
Why advertise the maps of others? I got my own maps to advertise! Also your recommendations fucked up Gefrierbrand.

2007, 06, 18 13:53
just advertise BWMN in general. and if your maps _are_ good, they'll be recognized.
2007, 06, 18 14:50
Sorry I was very cranky.

Damn iM is even more inactive then [SiN]
2007, 06, 18 23:20 it's not. You must be blind, [SiN] is empty always, iM is almost always full, some days it's less active than others but it always has someone in it.
2007, 06, 20 05:57
Someone that is afk...
2007, 06, 20 10:34
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