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Help with .rep files
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I have never dealt with a .rep file and was wondering how to use them. My main problem was with watching the replays of games which I found to all be in .rep format.

If someone can give me software for watching these replays, it would be much appreciated.

I would also just like to say that this is an amazing site.
modified by Rizzelet
2007, 07, 26 11:53
Software to watch reps: Starcraft/Broodwar.

Software to analyze reps: BWRepInfo and BWChart. BWRepInfo mainly shows the players' APM (Actions Per Minute) and filters out the Effective APM (without hotkey spam).
BWChart shows stuff like units built, resources gathered, hotkeys used...........
2007, 07, 26 12:25
Thanks for your post spinesheat,

Now I'm mostly interested in watching the .rep(s), and to do that I just run the .rep(s) using Starcraft/BroodWar.exe?, if so what do I do once I'm in Starcraft to start the replay? Because I opened one of the .rep(s) using Starcraft.exe and it just took me to the first main screen like it normally would of, if I had clicked on my desktop icon for Starcraft.
modified by Rizzelet
2007, 07, 26 13:20
chose single player. in the screen where you can choose the campaigns (zerg/terran/protoss), there will be 3 buttons on bottom center:

load saved (game)
play custom (map)
load replay <-------!!!!!!!!!

if you dont see this third button, just start a game and save its replay. then broodwar will create a replay folder where you can put your own or other (downloaded) replays and watch them via the "LOAD REPLAY" button.
2007, 07, 26 14:08
of course your broodwar must be patched to the newest patch (1.15 that is). Either download the patch at or connect to via your broodwar (multiplayer-> to get the patch.
Also make sure the replays you watch are for version 1.15, unfortunatly each time blizzard releases a new patch the old replay files will not be played correctly (players just not building anything anymore for minutes is either a broken replay or a very newbish player;D)
2007, 07, 26 15:30
Thanks guys
2007, 07, 26 22:45
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