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I have nearly finished the map and i removed some rocky ground and suddently my scmdraft crashed and i can't open my map. I really hope that my map is not dead. Somebody knows what happened???
A small windows appears and there is writen: "Saved dump file to C:DOCUME~1AdminLOCALS~1TempTrigedit.dmp, please send it to DW or SI including what ou did before it crashed!"
What does it mean??
modified by ProTosS4EveR
2007, 08, 11 01:19
sorry, you have to buy a new pc.
2007, 08, 11 01:32
Actually you need to replace your house, it has to do with an issue involving too much lead in the environment. You should probably kill yourself after havign your house demolished to avoid lead contamination for the sake of others.
2007, 08, 11 05:12
hackers turned your computer into a bomb
2007, 08, 11 09:59
I' the genius of the film The Shining, "Shiney McShine"
2007, 08, 11 10:06
Go to, PM SuicidalInsanity or open a topic about your issue.
2007, 08, 11 11:32
Ok, ty spine.
@Nightmarjoo Ok, ty marjoo, I will do it today. :]
2007, 08, 11 11:53
I know where is this bug from: When you make a isometrical terrain where is rectangular terrain, sometimes it makes the bug (I saw that when i put isometrical terrain on fastest map which is from rectangular terrain. But when the did not close the error window, you can still make the map.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
2007, 08, 11 21:17
lol just load the backup of the map scmdraft automatically saves in the folder and hope you saved often.
2007, 08, 12 00:52
I have not the backup... O__o
2007, 08, 12 00:54
don't you? i always have those problems, and backup is always somewhere, just change the name extention
2007, 08, 12 02:36
Well the version in the mapDB is not that old is it?
2007, 08, 12 13:31
Yes it is not the old version but do'nt worry, it is very similar to the old one
2007, 08, 12 14:55
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