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New proleague maps suck!
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New proleague maps:

If these maps are pro maps, why doesn't inept or LML have their maps in proleagues :((.

POSITIONAL IMBA FTW!! (look specially the 1st and the 2nd map)
2007, 09, 03 20:38
WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!
All of those maps sucks. The only normal one is the twilight one. Omg, those koreans are gonna fuck me up :/
2007, 09, 03 21:11
2007, 09, 03 21:21
Well, they surely do not look that great. compare that to earlier pro maps like mercury (imbalanced, but very art) or some of the maps here and they look pretty shabby. Most of the maps look like they might play pretty unfluidly too. On the other hand, the koreans definetly have the courage to try new stuff, thats cool. Plus the maps will probably be quite balanced, they do much more testing than we can do here.

For professional gaming balance should be more important than gameplay. I don't think the same about maps for average players.

edit: I'm really happy i dont have to play these maps. They all look like they are quite painful to play. Seongangil looks really intesting strategy wise though.
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 09, 03 21:21
its pretty obvious how much they come here to pick up an idea or two though :P

I like the maps with assymetrical centers. I tried that a while ago but you mostly hated me for it. I wanted a battle field with a bit of variety in it.
2007, 09, 03 21:30
This happens every fucking time new pro maps come out. People bitch about them incessantly, and then they turn out to be fucking amazing :D

Seriously, you want to watch progamer's use the same strats they've been using the past year? I sure as hell don't. These new maps are designed to keep the game fresh and exciting, and that's exactly what they're going to do. I for one am really looking forward to seeing some games on these.

Trust me, everyone will love them once they've seen enough games that they can copy progamers ;(
2007, 09, 03 22:32
If you can make a map which forces a player to adjust himself to every situation and find new sollutions to win the game, then you made a good map because those games will make good tv.

If you made a map which can be played on routine with blindfold, then you might just wanna trash that and make a new one.
2007, 09, 03 23:11
ye soon some version of (2)Iron Flush gonna do it into korean proleagues ;D
2007, 09, 03 23:16
/agree Starparty

Crackling, I believe that map is called Peaks ;P
2007, 09, 04 02:38
yea lets add scope lens to that list k thx
2007, 09, 04 02:49
I cant see pictures cause my java is ass. can some1 upload pics here?
2007, 09, 04 18:06
I don't think that the koreans have any more courage to try new stuff then we have here. The problem is that those proleague maps are forced onto the players, they have no choice but to play them. This is most likely done to keep the spectators attracted, since SC is business over there.

If we could force maps on players somehow, I would add in at least one etremely experimental map in every map pack, too.

I think that boxer's legendary tank drops might have a comeback on some of these maps - they are so awkward to play otherwise ;)

These maps don't seem to be refined. Even if they are experimental, I doubt they have been tested thoroughly.
2007, 09, 04 18:10
the thing is that everyone accepts these imba experimental maps because they come from korean mappers. BWMN maps with only half that experimental stuff will be yelled at "IMBA OMG" double.
2007, 09, 04 19:39

The maps look a bit weird but well, let's see how they play! Heil BWMN!
2007, 09, 04 22:42
Since we can't really tell the balance of a map by looking at it unless it's an LT/Luna clone (even though Python proved to be hard TvP despite sharing the same pattern), it seems that the best option is to wait and see how they play out.

Peaks of Baekdu might look like a PvT hell, but P has 65% winning percentage on. Same for Hitchhiker which looks impossible PvT but has a 7-10 record atm in leagues. Map pic doesn't tell anything about balance.
2007, 09, 12 00:55
yep =/
2007, 09, 12 03:47
well, not true, but the less standard a map gets, for example these ;) are certainly too hard. But other maps you can tell balance from the pic, just depends on a lot of things. But testing is always helpful :)
2007, 09, 12 03:48
python was SO clear to become p>t with that center. i had placed bets on that if it was possible.
2007, 09, 12 15:56
you know, guys, if someone made a post explaining the problem of each map for balance, it would be a lot more useful for non-mappers to see what you mean and why... and maybe more people will pay attention to you when you say "OMG WTG IMBA MAP RJGIKOAS"
2007, 09, 12 16:17
Python is hard for T because of the island expos, not of the center. Toss can easily expo there, terran can't. Unlike LT with it's cliff gayness, dropship play is not favoured on Python. It's also hard for terran to grap a third expo but then again, unbuildable center has nothing to do with it. On the progamer side timings are much more important than expo positioning, so it's somewhat different.

EDIT: flo, you'd lose your money, because current PvT stats for Python are 17-28. Python is hard TvP for casual gamer, not pro.
modified by NyRe
2007, 09, 12 18:21
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