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WOW. Deserves to be in pimpest plays. Not for micro, not for macro, but for the fucking suspense and the final decidter of vistory won... because of a crappy proxy. amazing. I 2 gate zlot (aloso didnt know main pos. so bad early scouting)rush his probes bc i was gonna gate cannon fe, but i saw gate core so i went 2 gate to 3 gate, sent first wave and tried to pylon gate him but... the pos was wrong so didnt work T-T anyway, while i keep sending zlots and killing his probes sussecfully, he does a dt proxy. i destory his last probes/minerals unitl he has destoeyd my nexus wiht his snuck in dt, I have lik 30 minerals, a dragoon, and a cannon, but he has 2 dt. or so i think. when he built the templar archives he got a probe stuck in minerals. Im aiming for allie end, but, he uses dt to kill the templar archive. He was sorta friend so he gave me vision so I could confirm this. gg. several times throughout the game I thought I won, like i was sooo close ot killing a pylon and preventing him from getting a 2nd zealot ( the 1st was trapped in my base) and he narrowly got it out. I think this is absoltley PIMP.
2007, 09, 08 04:33
link is gaia 1.0 . most of the stuff i post is not that good. this is PIMP.
2007, 09, 08 04:33
2007, 09, 09 01:01
This post is not displayed due to its content
2007, 09, 09 03:02
This post is not displayed due to its content
2007, 09, 09 04:24
This post is not displayed due to its content
2007, 09, 09 07:56
I would be disappointed if something like that made pimpest plays. It was an unusual end to the game, but neither of you two had a revolutionary tactic, and the execution was not spectacular, neither.

Pimpest plays is about actual plays, not about an unusual game situation. Like a player with 12 carriers and one pylon winning a game is only spectacular if he does something special to save that pylon.
2007, 09, 09 10:08
It won't make it into the pimpest plays.

One of my clanmates told me of a great game but he had lost the replay... It was on Estrella I think, 2n2. He dropped the protoss and almost killed his nex, very few HP left. The protoss' ally, a terran, had come for help with siege tanks. My clanmate had a rax scouting the protoss. He landed it next to the nexus and the siege tanks attacked it. Down went the nexus by splash :)
Well, not even pimp yet imo, but should be worth an honorable mention if he had the replay...
2007, 09, 09 12:06
ye thats nice ;D
2007, 09, 09 13:05
never said pimp PLAY, just neat and intresting. Wait, I did say should be in pimp plays, but just kidding. I mean, only gosu`s get into PP.
modified by IAMAHIPO_ocolor
2007, 09, 09 18:09
Nope, the guy who pylon-block-can-rushed wasn't a pro for sure.
2007, 09, 09 19:38
can rushed? whats that O.o
2007, 09, 09 20:34
you mean cannon rush? NO ONE ABBREVIATES CANNON! :O
2007, 09, 09 22:59
my favorite is the intotherainbow/chojja game on R-Point where chojja misses plaguing a dt and loses the game because of it. fucking hilarious.
2007, 09, 10 02:19
what the hell, who edited my posts?
2007, 09, 10 03:11
No offence,Iamahipo.But I drag one of my belly muscles during the time I saw your rep.What you wanna have pimped inside of?

2007, 09, 10 07:03
@ Inept: Too bad that this is no "pimp play", but rather "unpimp" or simply bad luck. Hilarious though :)

I like the zvt mondi vs dunno on R-Point where mondi had ultraling + defiler w/ plague. The terran irradiated mondis last ultralisk (in this battle, not his very last one), no zerglings left there, no tanks just a bunch of plagued m&m. Now that ultralisk killed like 30 m&m because of plague and irradiate :D

@ IAMAHIPO: Yes, can = cannon. And yes, it is a common abbreviation. And yes, I know the double meaning.

@ Spor: Dunno who, but it was the right decision. By the way, it's not modified but only hidden.
2007, 09, 10 17:21
double meaning?
2007, 09, 10 21:06
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