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Oops forgot to make a title, Can a mod change it to Starforge/terrain help.

hey I just uninstalled starforge and installed the new 2.2 one. For some reason it was installed twice already on my comp but i was only able to uninstall one. The remaining one isnt there but its listed in the add/remove list.

Anyways, I installed it but when I try and run it, it says missing file mc(something).ocx This file was not in the installed and I can't find it. What the hell?

PS- how do you load the premade upward ramps and shit if they are saved to their own map?

And is it possible to make the upward terrain on space raised platform that goes completely to the edge? It always leaves a little ledge of regular floor (unusable). Trying to do a map remake with raised ground.
modified by SpOR
2007, 09, 10 03:08
Use SCMD2 for melee mapping. Actually, use SCMD2 for almost everything nowadays. Starforge is outdated except for a few very special uses. It's not being updated anymore either.

If you want to get rid of that remaining SF installation, you're gonna need some registry hacking skills.

The .ocx file is available on the Starforge hompage or just pretty much anywhere on the net. Google is your friend. You can put it into System32 or in the folder you installed SF to.
2007, 09, 10 17:25
Hey how do I place neutral buildings in scmdraft2 without using the box proper placement?
2007, 09, 11 21:22
Sprites -> Unit Sprites -> Building/unit which you want tu put on the map. Don't forget to turn on the grid to put them correctly.
2007, 09, 11 21:51
Wtf i had them as sprites before and they were unclickable and units could pass through them. What do I need the grid for?
2007, 09, 11 22:31
Now I'm having trouble with the neutral creep colonies, they vanish in game and I can only get some of these buidlings to block >_<
2007, 09, 11 22:59
ah I figured out I can copy paste the ones that work with the terrain around them copied as well. Still the colonies are missing.
2007, 09, 11 23:02
How do I put a mineable mineral on a ramp with 24 resource?

How come sometimes I can't copy/paste a square over some spots? How do I fix that?
modified by SpoR
2007, 09, 11 23:11
-if neutrals are unclickable and units are walking through, you didnt use the correct "unit-sprites" (you then took "sprites" or whatever).
-mineral on ramp: select mineral (P12 as normal), enable "allow illegal unit placement", put the on the ramp. you can also disable the unit-stack-to-grid to place them whereever you want (and not just into the defined squares of BW)
-if you cannot paste terrain pieces on other spots, a doodad is above this spot (so you only change the terrain BELOW the doodad which you cannot see). either delete the doodad, or if you want to edit it mark it, rightclick and "convert [it] to terrain". now you can edit the single squares of the doodad as you like, just like normal terrain.
2007, 09, 12 16:01
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