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2 Gas Mains?
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I was thinking of new concepts to use for designing a map around the other day. I started to think of old concepts that are good and still used and ones that failed and didn't stick around. Mineral blocking, Inner expos, no gas nats, small proximity bases, and wealthy mains like paradoxx. I am going to make a land map that has 2 geysers in the main with only 2500 each and no gas at the natural expo. Just wondering what kind of balance issues would come form this. I think it would make PvZ alot easier in the early game, but might ruin TvP which would probably make terran super power early game but once they burn out their gas they're dead. what do you guys think?
2005, 09, 04 03:31
Imo minerals are at least as important as gas for terran in TvP. So just putting much gas there would not benefit terran that much. Well, it depends a lot on the rest of the map layout, for example how far the next gas expansion is for a terran to take. Just try it out, actually it does not change all that much balance wise imo.
2005, 09, 05 08:30
And since it doesnt it might be better to leave it normal to not make people angry for nothing.
2005, 09, 05 08:56
I think it could balance PvZ on wierd maps by giving protoss more tech options from 1 base.
2005, 09, 06 10:15
Check my map 'Instability'
2005, 10, 01 13:33
I put it here because you opened this thread and it's something about your "Nazi" map.

You said it`s a joke, but i deleted it anyway. It's just that something like a nazi cross isn't a joke imo and i, and some others, may feel offended by it, and, i don't want to have "material" like a nazi cross on this page. I think panschk thinks so too.

it`s nothing against you, keep on mapping :)
2005, 10, 01 18:08
LoL. Well along time ago there was some people talking about how the swasticka comes up alot in map making (even on pro map designs) on . Some guy was saying it was there on purpose and people were getting all butt hurt that there was swastickas. So i made this map as a joke, everyone got a kick out of it. PS - its really the Bhuddist sign of PEACE! Google it!
2005, 10, 02 03:38
Sure it is :) But as long as you name the map NAZI, it's definetely NOT the sign of peace ;)

If you like the map that much, than upload it again with a a friendlier name - (4)Bhuddist Sign - or whatever, maybe panschk likes it as well :)
2005, 10, 02 04:12
Half of my maps are nazi maps. I love 'em^^

Well I'm not offended by this, but it may offend more sensitive guys, dunno-_-
2005, 10, 02 20:28
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