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Whats up with you? How are things going? Is there any new tracks of yours?

P.S. When will you come in Bulgaria, chicks love you!
2008, 10, 09 08:35
hi LGI :) I have a new remix done, but you wont like it :) Im also trying out some software DJing, making some minimal trancy sets, its all quite fun :)

Ive also quit WoW, atleast until next expansion, so ive got quite alot of spare time now. Who knows, i might check that new competition out ;)

If you like chilled stuff i have about an hour worth of work complete. Its not the best of productions, but there are some sweet melodies in some of the tracks :)
2008, 11, 03 23:44
I am really intrested in the chill track ;)

Btw, would you like to come to my birthday? It will be on 13.01.2009 , but i will make a nice underground muhsroom winter forest psychedelic open air event in Rila mauntain :) . I really want to show you the magic of this mauntain and i am sure you haven't try an Open Air event in the forest in the snow :) . The spot is 1500 m. above see level, deep in the forest, no paths to there, you have to search to find it :) . The party will be on 10-11.01.2008 and there will be a also a full moon :) .

About sleeping, food, etc, etc you are welcome in my apartament, i leave alone and it's no problem for me. Btw you are welcome as well as your borther ;) .

So about everything i really mean it and i hope you come :) .

Cheers :D
2008, 11, 08 16:18
that would be quite cool actually hehe, i am seriously gonna consider it, but it depends on if i can et a job before that so i can afford it. But in that case i might have a friend who would come with me too :)

btw, check out for our new mixtracks. we update continuously :)
2008, 11, 10 17:31
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