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PP BwLoader
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Anyone know how to get penguin plug to work with bwloader113.exe ? i really like the text recording and /r features of PP but i also really like not having to hear my BW cd spinning and wearing out my drive :/
2005, 12, 18 16:00
it works perfectly with me.
if your CD rom drive is going berserk while trying to read the cd:

do you use antivir guard? if you do, put the penguin launcher in "exceptions".
2005, 12, 18 16:06
You misread the question. What I want is to be able to use penguin plug without having to use my bw cd. if you use a crack it uses another file to run starcraft (bwloader113.exe) and if you use penguin it loads off the sc.exe like a hack.
2005, 12, 18 22:58
well, if it is just about the BW cd harming your cd drive, make an image of the BW cd and you're fine.
I don't think you'll find a cracked penguin lauchner
2005, 12, 18 23:09
well i've downloaded those daemon tools and alcohol 120% multiple times and i couldn't figure any of that shit out.
2005, 12, 19 23:20
alcohol is a bit hard to crack, but daemon tools should be easy as far as i know
2005, 12, 20 13:44
2006, 03, 30 03:49
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