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Headoff G.I. User Maps Tournament 02
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The tourney pass. 4 players didn't show up - Me_mYstical, Makaveli[BG], eSu.TechnicS, Xs-Sup3rSlab.

eSu.TechnicS, send a guy to play on his place and that was [TF]...Unique. So the final nomber of players were 13. A big problem for me was that my internet disconnect me after one hour from the start of the tourney. And 30 minutes later the whole power supply was off in our neighbourhood... Such things doesn't happen every day... Damn what a bad luck...

Anyway i got the results. The winner is Me_Blade (Me_G_G, nF_Chance and many other acc). He is a random play, but i will write more about him in the newspost, that i will write after i gather all the replays and make a replay pack.

You can msg Mireille to pick his maps, and to tell wich date is good for him and hour. Soon i will give Me_G_G/Me_Blade ( i still don't know with wich acc does he wanna play ), wishes about the date, hour, maps.
2006, 01, 29 09:46
There was a mistake nF_Chance is bulgarian headoff acc - Me_GLADIATOR, and Europe acc - eS-Fear-

So the showmatch will be named eS-Fear- vs Mireille

eS-Fear- is a terran player, but on this showmatch he will play random.
2006, 01, 29 13:43
Btw eS-Fear- is free for the showmatch at 5th fevruari 13:00 CET, and 10th fevruari 13:00 CET is this ok? Soon i will post the 3 maps that he picks...
2006, 01, 29 13:47
oh i dont like eS, they try to steal my clan tag and act as if im the ripoff :/

hello!?!? eS-X. since 2002?!? stfu!??
2006, 01, 29 13:54
Sorry, i am not into all this clans, tags, etc... I really didn't know. I hope this is not a problem...

The newspot is ready.
2006, 01, 29 14:58
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