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What are your hobbies?
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Other than starcraft, what are your other hobbies?

As for me, I love to play Tennis, play with Macromedia Flash MX, play Halo2, and eat.
2006, 02, 07 07:36
just begun wow :P other than that i make music
2006, 02, 07 10:02
i like to draw, make beats with fruity loops, play other shitty video games on emulators or WoW, jack off, watch movies, and long walks on the beach.
2006, 02, 07 11:13
basketball, chess, music (but like, REAL music)
modified by flothefreak
2006, 02, 07 12:23
basketball. I play in a team, but only on the lowest level of german competition. In summer I am on the streetball court almost every day :)

music. well almost everyone listens to music, I am a big hip hop fan, especially french rap is very cool. My brother is quite into rappin`, but I don`t have talent for it. I did some simple beats with fruity loops, but nothing good yet :/

php. I waste too much time with programming for bwmn or other projects^^

I actually do lift weight for more than are year now, but as you can not see any improvements, I would not say I`m a bodybuilder^^

2006, 02, 07 13:11
I like soccer and I play Counter Strike 1.6 sometimes.
2006, 02, 07 14:16
flo, if I get label and yu dont then id say my music is the "real" one, and yours quite non-existant ...
2006, 02, 07 15:49
SP, that was not directed to you. I just wanted to make clear it's not like, classic music.

besides, I was talking about HEARING music as hobby, not doing myself at all.

what's the matter with you???
2006, 02, 07 18:01
I wasnt being serious :P
2006, 02, 07 18:30
i play saxophone guitar piano, read, listen to music, and most of all write.

i have 3 (one public, one private-public, and one private) online journals that i post in varying degrees in, 2 written journals, and a bunch of different writing notebooks where i jot down lines and inspirations and passages. not to mention my computer is littered with hundreds upon hundreds of notepad files.

i like to make movies too.
2006, 02, 07 20:42
i play soccer, basketball, and i used to play chess where i won quite a few Connecticut tournaments...

i also do track sometimes for the sprints and just to build up muscle

music, ipod currently broke lol
2006, 02, 07 21:03
flo, what is "real" music? It's not like there is a consensus here :O
2006, 02, 07 21:14
real music for me is excluding about 99% of classic, everything of "hey nigga, i fuck your mother, bitch YO"-hiphop, "schranz"-stuff, teenieband-pop, boygroups, nazi music and similar.

among the real music, i got my fav. styles:
good music, mainly to me: rock punk metal alternativ indy (about everything that goes into this direction) and a bit hiphop. I don't listen to much hiphop actually, but i got a certain amount of (imo) good hiphop-tracks.

don't blame me if i forgot
2006, 02, 07 21:24
I play tennis a lot. I play table tennis (not a joke) competitively in tournaments and clubs. I play drumset in a jazz combo. I snowboard every Saturday.

I like to do Photoshop, and I make movies in Sony Vegas when I'm inspired.
2006, 02, 08 00:02
Partying, Dawn of War, Mapping for DoW, eating, jhanging around with friends, soccer, tablesoccer, reading, stuff like that

+ gimpshop ^^
modified by Listoric
2006, 02, 08 03:59
What's gimpshop?

Okay, what is everyone's favorite book?
2006, 02, 08 05:38
I don't have a favorite book. I read one every 2 month in like 3 days, get to do nothing else in that time, and swear to never read a book again ;)

I read mostly science fiction, I prefer those books where there is a bit of science, and not only fiction:)
2006, 02, 08 10:46
Lol epidiOn, I should play you in tennis one of these days ;)
2006, 02, 08 15:27
SOCCER <- IS MAIN, music (all kinds of hard shit ^^), scientific researches in math (wow, that pwnz, I earn money from that one :O), POOL <- O_O, offline BW-Practice, Fantasy//Sci-fi literature and of course making dumbass movies with my crazy friends.

Also we play some heavy stuff when we have enough free time, visit Warsteiner Forum 2-3 times a week (^^ ow, alcoholics :D).
Btw 2/5 of my free time I spend with my girlfriend :O
2006, 02, 08 18:14
its impossible to pinpoint a favorite book per se but my top list includes 1984, brave new world, invisble man, frankenstein, lord of the flies, the stranger, metamorphosis, fight club, and choke.
2006, 02, 08 20:32
da vinci code was fun good read
2006, 02, 08 21:56
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