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i just installed a moviemaker-program and played a bit with it

i took a scene and edited it, the first thing i've ever done with such things. babysteps if you want :D

nevertheless, maybe you like it (it's only 20seconds and very...ehm...coloured^^). i just wanted to check out how the program works on my own and try some things, so it's a bit overloaded, but still fun to watch. i made it just4fun as entry into that program - which is quite hard to understand if you're on your own ;)

2006, 03, 23 22:34
Damn... that's a sick vid, I like it. Is there a way for you to tone down the inverted colors a bit?

What program you using?
2006, 03, 24 02:53
i installed sony vegas

yeah, it is sick but it's the first step to make with this program, so i chose some color effects mainly. it's not aboutn integrating this in a movie, was just a scene from a replay that was worth editing :D
2006, 03, 24 13:10
Right... I use Sony Vegas. I made a movie, but it was pretty much shit. I can give you some useful pointers and stuff though, but you're probably better than me already.
2006, 03, 25 00:21
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