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Favorite Tileset to make maps on?
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For me, it's Ice, closely followed by jungle, and then space. Least favorite would be twilight, then ashworld.
2006, 04, 11 00:59
desert. then jungle and space
2006, 04, 11 01:12
Ice is least favorite for sure. i try to make high ground walls and it keeps expanding out then you have to redo the whole map ugh annoying

not to mention there are no ice maps that are pro i dont think :( (except gorky)

favorite is space/desert.
2006, 04, 11 01:21
Badlands (my fav), Jungle (very dynamic), then Space (has good feeling imo)... all are the best classic tilesets imo
2006, 04, 11 06:34
I can't stand making maps on desert or ice. Ice drives me nuts because you can never connect your walls to your water correctly, so you end up having a tiny little space.

I like Jungle, then Twilight, then Space. My favorite part about Space is the solar array, you can make the coolest middleground battlefields with it...
2006, 04, 11 08:02
favourites: badlands and ash. i just like their style. badlands is awesome for decoration, and ash...well dunno, i just like it. but you really have to be aware of the bad aspects of the tileset (doodad situation, terraindeco only unbuildable, but en mass, limited heigths) in order to choose the concept wisely.

i dont like desert and space. desert sucks for decoration due to many "dead terrans" things but only few natural doodads. plus, i dont like the colours somehow. space? havent made too much in it. i think it has very limited decoration possibilities.
2006, 04, 11 12:28
Space, Desert, Jungle.
2006, 05, 08 15:23

I like Twilight the least because it's hard to see anything and hard for me to make a good map on it.
2006, 05, 08 20:00
desert, twilight and space are the top 3, but actually all ensures a different style of constructing and designing the map

but i don't like ice very much, because the walling problem that epidion mentioned so in icemaps the first way to make a map is to build on the dirt-water-structure-grass, the second is the snow-high-snow-ice
2006, 05, 10 19:47
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