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inverted ramps?
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I dont know how to handle them.. i try to make inverted ramps on twilight (high dirt to dirt), but i am sucking with the margin between the dirt and the ramp, do you have any idea?

modified by Antares
2006, 06, 21 15:57
so far there is no way to lead the ramp to the low ground cleanly.. i tried using the crushed rock but it doesnt work that well.
2006, 06, 21 17:51
This isn't exactly the same thing, but I like the way they do ramps in this map, they use crushed rock, which looks the same in both high ground and low ground to make a ramp, it really impressed me when I first saw it, and you could do it any size in any direction, it just wouldn't look like the other ramps.
2006, 07, 06 18:26
meanwhile i solved it, but anyways thx..
i also know that crushed rock is used to make ramps, but the problem with its that crushed rock is BUILDABLE soyou can block it, i dont want this

oh just lookin the date 06 21, bahh ^^
modified by Antares
2006, 07, 08 00:28
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