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Last update for (2)Thirsty : 2008, 03, 23 18:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2890 (2)Thirsty 96*96Bunsen Honeydew1.0finalground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 64 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Northwestern and northeastern ramps leave no room for large units to pass through, nats have too low of min counts, over all the map is small.

Symmetry is okay, I guess.

The construct is useless, though, there's not enough room for troop movement, it just takes up space. I'll point out chokes in the GMCS.

Also, construct is useless in the way that no one would send units up there unless you're tanking.

Terran > all.
modified by Rye
Bunsen Honeydew
Ty for the comments Rye.

Are you sure a Terran would be favoured against a Zerg on this map?

I was afraid of T > P. Maybe the idea is just flawed.

The upper corners was made not only for tanking, but also with the idea of semi-cover for air (especially in case P goes Carrier).

I will try to change it.

Well, unless you leave the Toss alone for a very long time, or you're playing against comps, most people never get capital ships unless you're on islands. :S
Bunsen Honeydew
How about this:

modified by Bunsen Honeydew
modified by Bunsen Honeydew
Bunsen Honeydew
Or maybe like this:

-Not as tight
-Less redundance
-Two islands
-Double gas in main

modified by Bunsen Honeydew
modified by Bunsen Honeydew
I like the third idea best. Gas count on the main should be 2500 each. Try and add a natural outside the mains.

I'm not too sure how the islands would work, but they look okay. Good work. :)
modified by Rye
rye, I guess the nats are just outside main?! ;p

and yeah, the 3rd idea is the best, imo.
Well, in that case, have the nat have a single entrance, mb?
WAY too much money @ main. 10 blocks AND little wandering - that's too much.
There may be a pathing issue with the movement of groups of units from the mains to the North next to the worker lines of the nats, please check. The nats seem also a little far away from the entrance to the main, I don't know if a sunk placed in the nat can cover the entrance to the main.
modified by Lancet
i dont really see how those ramps will change the gameplay
Bunsen Honeydew
Hi guys - thx for all your comments!

I've tried to redesign the map, with the aim of creating more balance (especially in PvT) and also create more tactical possibilities. I also thought about PvP - I was afraid of one decisive battle in the middle and tried to address that by adding the paths behind the islands and a few semi chokes where it will be possible to gain positional advantages. It is now also possible for both Z and P to flank a T on different locations + more space outside the nat (should help P a little to slow down a T push).

I've tried to address all the comments and make changes accordingly:

-Gas in main modified to 2500 each.
-Islands moved outwards to create more dynamics.
-Single but larger entrance from outside to nat.
-Less money in main (and more space).
-Tested pathing on new design (seems to work).
-Fixed location of nat.
-Ramps removed.
-Adjusted all the mineral spots.
-Redesigned the main and nat a little to create more space outside without losing space inside (as good as I could :-| ).
-Some minor things (apparent from the map image)

modified by Bunsen Honeydew
ok next mission

- fix all mineral formations. so the workers doesnt slide over some minerals when trying to get to the edge one. having 3 minerals at upper left /right side of start location will creat that problem(as far as i know). please look how pro maps are built

- the sunken ground look alittle too "square". u should make it look more natural by just creating it less like a line.

- i think the min-only should be moved down a little bit and have some very small tar(water) around it. so map will get more "decoration". its kinda ugly when an expansion is just to the edge of map without anything around it

- "non-mirror" decoration. as ive said before nature terrain maps must not be total mirrored. u should make the dirt/sand dunes different at both sides of the map. it will look better and wont effect gameplay

- maybe just make middle with some rocky ground. i think it will improve the gameplay.

- u should also have something that just makes this map special, some maps have a skull in middle. some maps a snake. and so on. if i would play this map i would simply forget about it very fast cuse it doesnt have so very epic look
modified by MorroW
I agree with Morrow. There's dirt and high dirt in the middle which serves no purpose, make something prettiful out of it.
Bunsen Honeydew
-Mineral formations fixed.
-Sunken ground modified.
-The mineral only moved to islands instead (the new placement farther away from nat, makes it possible to attack from more locations and a drop possible behind mineral line).
-Non-mirror decoration added.
-Changed a few landscape formations to reduce the tightest paths.
-Special "epic" middle drawing added (for you MorroW) :D

I tested it against comp. and pathing seems to work fine (also for the comp.).

Hope you like it better now than my first version and once again thx for all the comments guys :)

that middle made me laugh xD
modified by MorroW
lol @ face. :P
Looking better, extend the high ground a bit to narrow the nat's entrance (see GMCS) and also maybe place an additional gas expo between the bases (see GMCS)?
Great work, liking it a lot better!

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