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PGT pics?
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I'm hosting a tournament for starcraft, which we are revising atm, and we decided to use PGT maps for the tourney. The problem is, not everyone knows what they look like, so i need pictures of them.

can someone pls provide me with pictures of:

PGT - 815 III
PGT - Arcadia
PGT - Azalea
PGT - Gaia
PGT - Iron Curtain
PGT - Lost_Temple
PGT - Luna the Final
PGT - Neo Forte
PGT - Neo Requiem
PGT - Nostalgia
PGT - Paranoid Android
PGT - Peaks of Baekdu
PGT - Ride of Valkyries
PGT - R-Point
PGT - Rush Hour III
PGT - Sin Pioneer Period
PGT - The Artist
PGT - Usan Nation

I already looked in the map DB, but i don't know if the maps there are the ones i have. This pack is the latest PGT pack before it went down.

Please help >< would mean much to me.


2006, 09, 17 09:31
All of these maps r in the database; they may not have pgt on the front, but they are the same. And if they arent, only minor midifications were made.

To make things easier, you should select 5 or so maps for the tourny, just so that people don't have to learn all of the maps.
2006, 09, 17 17:39
oh. ok =) thanks. and atm were working on deciding which maps to use
2006, 09, 17 18:13
Where can i register for the tournament?
2006, 09, 17 22:24
not yet at the moment im afraid. we're revising it ( > enter forum, see news posts)

however, if you want, ill reserve you a spot ;)
just fill in the 1v1 enlistment form on that site, and ill save your email.
2006, 09, 17 22:25
btw, i could use some help pin pointing which maps would be best to use ;) ;)
2006, 09, 17 22:27
gaia rh3 azalea requiem r-point
2006, 09, 17 22:41
ah, k. i wasnt sure bout gaia, and replaced with initially with luna. (but we're using that as the first map anyway >< )
2006, 09, 17 22:42
I'd suggest a good mixture gameplay-wise, along with some standard maps (unless you want people to play nonstandard maps ;) )

My suggestion:

815 III (the only one of its kind)

Gaia (plays solid, but not too standard, fairly balanced)

Iron Curtain (nonstandard, lots of room for experiments)

Neo Forte (nice balance imo, somewhere between standard and nonstandard)

RoV (a must)

Sin Pioneer Period (if you want to add a map for rushy games)

Rush Hour III (solid, interesting and plays well)

I excluded maps like Azalea and Requiem for known balance issues, other maps (for example Usan Nation, Peaks of Baekdu) because I don't know them well. Imo my selection offers a lot of different gameplay, just a real island map is missing...
2006, 09, 17 22:51
well, i only ever played 2 island maps. gorky and valhalle, which i both love, but te public seems to be ready to burn them ><
2006, 09, 17 22:57
make me a decent island map (i mean sp / trcc style ;) ) and ill put it in as start map
2006, 09, 17 22:57
I'd suggest Gaia, RH3, Neo Forte, Nostalgia and Iron Curtain.
2006, 09, 18 03:32
Sounds cool, I'll look into it. Any good players? ^_^

BTW, is PGT dead forever?
2006, 09, 18 05:11
well, before we decided to reset the tourney we had some nice players ye:


2006, 09, 18 08:11
About the air map - (4)Nautilus 1.1 by Travin check in the MotW winners.

About PGT maps - PGT - Peaks of Baekdu, PGT - Usan Nation, PGT - Sin Pioneer Period, PGT - Iron Curtain.

How many maps do you need?
2006, 09, 18 08:14
- starter map (luna we thought, everyone knows, everyone equal chance, kida)
- 5 or 6 other balanced maps. (we're also looking into wcg / msl / osl maps atm )
2006, 09, 18 08:31
no 815. Anti z to the max imo.
no luna, I like it, but it's overplayed. It would be nice to see games on iron curtain since it's fairly unique.
2006, 09, 18 21:36
If played right, 815 is pretty balanced :P
2006, 09, 18 21:40
as starter you need a normal map in my opinion

luna, gaia, rh3 would be perfect for that
2006, 09, 18 21:45
Though rh3 is not THAT normal. At least in zvp, a zerg can't really contain. It also favors fe builds and stuff. Still no bad choice though ;)
2006, 09, 18 22:29
not luna! ^^

@spine: HOW TO PLAY ZVT IN 815!! :)
2006, 09, 18 22:44
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