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Project Revolution
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Im sure most of you have heard of PR (SC in WC3 graphics mod).. And idk if many know of their conversion ideas. They are making it possible to mod SCM and SCX files in WC3 style maps! I've always wanted to see what our maps would look like in their editor, being how more complex it is. Anyway, this is from the "official" site:


-Is it true that you use a customized version of World Edit?

-After this is released, will there be any way for fans to use the custom units/skins to make their own Starcraft maps?
-Yes, and we will release our World Editor with the Mod.

-Will there be doodads?
-We are adding in all of the doodads from SC. We may even add in some new ones.

-Will there be choke points?
-Yes. In fact, we created a tool to automatically convert SC maps to WC3 maps, and we are already working on a perfect conversion of Lost Temple.

-Will we be able to use the SC to WC3 map converter?

-Can you mix SC and WC3 units in one map?

-If a unit is on high ground will it miss the same % as in real Starcraft?
We are doing everything we can to ensure gameplay in Project Revolution is identical to that in SC/BW. This definitely includes the advantage units on higher ground have.

-Will all the tilesets be converted?

-What will you do about Warcraft III's pathing and the slow movement speed?
-We are working to solve both problems soon.

-Will there be a day/night cycle as in Wc3?
-Probably not.

-Will you be including a campaign?
-There are vague plans about a campaign, but the team is occupied with the recreation of SC game mechanics right now. We might recruit a campaign staff when the time comes. Remain vigilant.

what do you guys think about trying out this editor's possibilities?
modified by NastyMarine
2006, 12, 16 22:38
I saw the video and it looked really stupid to me. I appreciate their efforts, but there's no incentive for me to play the modded WC3 when I can just play Starcraft.
2006, 12, 18 22:13
I don't think you need a modded WC3 editor for the kind of stuff a single person would do. For PR it is required, certainly. But for normal WC3 stuff, World Edit is probably sufficient.
And I'bet you'll have to wait for a year or two until PR is released and the modded editor with it.

Anyways I recently got my hands on a detailed description of the SCtoWC3 map converter, and how it works. Nice work. Might be a little help on finding the ISOM functions, so that SI is not the only person who knows about them ;)

@ boongee: Did you really see the PR video or just the C&C3 mod video as so many people? And the video that was leaked from PR didn't show good stuff (I haven't seen it, though), certainly. But that's why it was not meant to be released... PR is far from completion, that's why it looks bad right now.

But even if PR is released and works one day, I won't play it (even if I had WC3 ;) ). SC is SC, and nothing else can compare to it.
modified by spinesheath
2006, 12, 19 15:29
Yeah, it was the leaked PR video I saw
2006, 12, 20 01:58
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